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May 23rd 2012 12:19 am

new iPhone, bigger screen or bust?

after reading Peter's iPhone 5 screen size question here, gdgt.com­/question­/will­-the­-next­-iphone­-have­-a­-larg...
it really got me thinking about screen size and my usage. As I said in that discussion I've surprised myself with how much I continue to use my iPhone over my iPad. I read a TON and even my wife pokes fun about how I am going to go blind reading on such a small screen all the time. She is the inverse of me, I'm pretty sure if she could make calls from her iPad, she would, ( it's a wifi model & even if it were data enabled she wouldn't make calls unless there was a simple phone app) and skip having an iPhone altogether.
I am pretty sure I have decided that if the next iphone screen is not 4" or bigger I'm going Android.
As invested in the iOS ecosystem as I am, I can still enjoy movies and media through my ipad and apple tv, I can't really think of any compelling feature that would keep me on a smaller sized device.
If you are like me and long for more screen real estate, what would keep you on a New iPhone if the screen size remains the same? Anything?

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If the screen size remains 3.5" or even 4" or less, they have lost me for good. I had the first 4 models of iPhone, and was an enthusiastic supporter up until the 4S launch. The 4S wasn't enough of an upgrade, and frankly the other flagship phones have moved on from such a small screen.

Right now I have a 4.7" 720p screen on my phone (One X), and I just really can't see going back to something 4.0 or smaller. The new iPhone would have to be at least 4.3" for me to even consider it. Apple got away with keeping the iPhone screen 3.5" for the last 2 years because of the retina pixel density, but this time around that just won't be an excuse.
It's really up to Apple now if they want me to come back, but I'm not holding my breath with all these rumors of a 4.0 screen.
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One thing that makes me wonder tho is that there's no space to even hold the One X properly as all edges are used up. I'm considering the One S or X but if we costantly keep hitting the home button accidently, it's not doing any good. Got a 4S and just sold off Galaxy SII and looking for a replacement phone now. I'm all for andriod OS as you can load seperate kernels and ROMs depending on your likes and usage.
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