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April 29th 2012 4:33 pm

New phone help ?

My Droid 2 just died on me recently and I really wanted to get the Galaxy Nexus, but my experience with Android has always been like a boyfriend girlfriend relationship :). If you know what I mean. My other options is either is the 4S on VZW or get the Nexus with my pending upgrade ? or upgrade to the 4S and buy the Galaxy unlocked and get a prepaid contract with unlimited with it ? There I will be able to get the next Google phone if Google will stay loyal to selling hardware.

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They both server different wants. Personally, the iPhone is to small for me and I don't like how IOS does some things things, like no app drawer, it just puts all your apps on the screen. I also drop my phone quite often and I don't like using cases, so iPhone would be out for me. If you are with VZW, you can only use the CDMA/LTE version, not the one Google is selling directly. Both phones have great features, go to the store and look at both. See which one you like better.
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I can't tell you what to do, but I can tell you what I did. I bought my GNex outright as soon as the price dropped to 399 and I've been laughing for the past two weeks. I got the GSM one because there's always a carrier anywhere in the world that can handle it (i.e. for travel). T-Mobile also has some great plans if you own your own phone. Finally, I got a screen protector for my phone, I got Ghost Armor because of the kiosk that sells is nearby, but XOSkins has amazing customer service from what I've read on XDA developers.

Oh, and I bootloader unlocked, rooted, and replaced the ROM on my with AOKP within a few hours of owning the phone. Freaking awesome.
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