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November 8th 2009 10:42 pm

New Shortcuts

I haven't used Vista...i directly upgraded from XP to windows 7 so I don't know if those shortcuts were present in vista or not but i don't think so...

u know how in win7 u can drga a window to the far right of the screen and it will get snapped to the half right of the screen, same thing if u drag it to the left and if u drag it to the upper part of the screen the window will get maximized...

well when ur using any application that is not maximized simply press (Windows Button + Up Directional Button) and that will maximize...press (Windows Button + Right Directional Button) and that will snap it to the right half of the screen, press it again and it will be snapped to the left half of the screen...finally (Windows Button + Down Directional Button) will minimize the window...

another shortcut that is new to me is the one that can create a new folder for u...simply press (Ctrl + Shift + N)...

I hope u can find those shortcuts useful and please post if u know some more shortcuts...

oh ya a few months ago i discovered a shortcut that i don't think anyone will ever use but i will mention it anyways...if u r in the run window or in in windows explorer address bar press (Ctrl + H) and that will actually do a backspace :s

also pressing (Ctrl + Esc) will open the start menu...

ok thats it am done here...

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I use the Win+[arrow key] shortcuts a lot. It's really helpful whether I'm on my netbook or on a computer with a larger screen.

Lifehacker has a great list of the most useful shortcuts in Windows 7: lifehacker.com­/5390086­/the­-master­-list­-of­-new­-wind...
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thanks alooot for the link u provided, there are lots of useful shortcuts in there that i never know of...they will certainly make life easier and faster by a few seconds lol
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windows key alone opens the start menu
win+F opens Search
win+E opens Explorer
win+P opens the Projector connection choices
win+L locks the computer
win+R opens the Run dialogue
win+D shows/un-shows the desktop
win+Tab opens Flip 3D
win+X opens Windows Mobility Center
win+M minimizes a window

there are tons of these and actually nearly all of them were present in Vista as well.
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