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November 16th 2012 10:29 am

Nexus 4 is all but vaporware

The Nexus 4 seems like it would be a fine phone if it were actually available in the market. As it stands now one cannot actually purchase a 16GB Nexus 4 except on eBay for around $600, making the $350 price illusory.

If Apple wanted to sell 1000 iPhone 5s for $100 and the rest through third parties for $600, that does not make it a $100 phone and it should not be reviewed as such.

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If there were never any more available this would be a valid point, but it will be available for $299 again in a few weeks.
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First, we will see if that is the case. If Google were confident of that, don't you think they would be taking pre-orders instead of listing the item as "Out of Stock" without the option to place an order.

Second, at some point the delay in making the phone available in quantity has a substantive impact as to how the phone should be rated in comparison to competitors. A three week delay-- no significant impact. A one year delay-- the phone is functionally obsolete. Skeptical though I am, I don't expect a one year delay, but even a much shorter delay could have a significant effect on how great a value proposition the phone is.
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I think their online ordering was not handled very well, I have no idea why there isn't a back order option. However, I do think they will have supply again relatively soon.
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You may be right, and I may be a little bitter, because this was the phone I had been waiting for. I could live with the no LTE, but the not being available with no promise of when it will be available in quantity pushed me over the edge and I ordered am HTC One X+.

If the Nexus 4 is available in quantity before the return period for my One X+, I may yet get the Nexus 4, but right now I'm not counting on it.
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I have heard reports of people going to T-Mobile, paying the $200, and cancelling for $200 making it effectively $400

More will be available, people just need to be patient. A sellout of this phone obviously means it is a success for Google.

Also, the nexus 7 preorders were handled awfully (just google "nexus 7 preorder fiasco"), so I understand why there is no preorder option.
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