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July 26th 2014 11:44 am

Nexus 5 vs Moto X battery (Summer 2014)

Happy owner of a Moto X here. Great phone but I would like more horsepower.

I read a lot about Nexus 5 battery life but nowhere can I find an updated bettery life review.

I would also like to know how (battery life) it compares the Moto X?

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I can't compare the two, having never used a Moto X, but the Nexus 5 has average to good battery life, depending on what you've installed on it. I tend to charge mine a lot only because I do a lot of driving and I use my phone for work so I need to make sure I don't run out of juice.

I do really like my phone, though. Highly recommended.
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The battery life of the Moto X and Nexus 5 is about the same.

I have a bunch of test phones at my job, so I started using the Moto X and while I really liked it, I had an chance to get my hands on the Nexus 5. Like you, I was looking forward to a performance boost because the Moto X is kinda mid-range in the specs department. But in the end, I didn't really notice a huge difference in speed between the two.

I chose to go back to the Moto X because the size and shape feels more comfortable in my hand and I prefer the OLED screen. Also, the Active Touch stuff is probably my favorite thing about Motorola's phones.

If you like the Moto X, I'd say just stick with it!
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I bought the Moto X because of its proclaimed battery life. It was fair until I put a battery saver app onto it and that lengthened it out to a full day worth of usage (I started with 2 Battery and now am using JuiceDefender). Based on my own usage, I would end up anywhere between 8-20+% at the end of a day on most occasions. My son had the Nexus 5 and, as best as I can tell, it might be in the same ballpark give or take.

We both switched to the OnePlus One. This phone would satisfy your desire for more horsepower, the larger screen is awesome and the kicker is that the battery on this thing blows the Moto X away. After a week of use, I'm ending 18 hour days with somewhere between 30-50% of the battery left.
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hey tgifriday7 can you send me an invite to purchase OnePlus One? I really want that phone.
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I don't have any invites to give. :^(

I have seen many invites available on eBay. The going rate on them started at around $100, but fell to sub-$50. After paying for that, the total cost of a contract-free, 64GB top end phone is around $400.
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