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September 17th 2012 3:43 pm

Nexus 7 demand?

Wow - I missed the 14 day window to return my Nexus 7, and now I can't find anyone interested enough to buy it (I've posted to Craigslist and Facebook). No interest at all at $150 for something essentially still in the box. Is it the appeal of the Kindle Fire, awaiting the arrival of an iPad Mini, or just a general lack of interest?

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I have seen pretty good demand here in Canada! I got one, my mom got one. I saw someone at my school with one. When I went to Staples asking they said every location for 50 KM had at least 5 on back order. But as a thing of note, in canada we are not going to get the Kindle Fire HD.

Just a little theory of mine is that devices that lots of people buy; iPhones, iPod Touches, etc. Are harder to sell through sites like Craigslist, Kijiji. Because the saturation of devices is so high. When I put certain android phones up on those sites, they go fast and I get lots of people want to trade me their iPhone for what I am selling.

Just a thought.
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Yeah it is still in short supply here. Memory Express is starting to get in regular stock now, but other retailers have not been able to keep them on the shelves
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Saturation is a good point
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You are selling one brand new for $150? 8 or 16 gig?
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If you're still selling and willing to ship it I'll be glad to take it off your hands.
I've been sending them as gifts to my family members overseas. Great Skype device. I personally don't like the Kindle because it's just great for using Amazon besides that it's not a really useful device.
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Sure. I don't think there's a PM function on gdgt; hit me on twitter: @mike_enos
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