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January 6th 2010 2:19 am

Nexus One works with Apple headphones with inline remotes!

I tested the Nexus One with Apple's in-ear headphones with remote (gdgt.com­/apple­/in­-ear­-headphones­-with­-remote­-and­-m... ) today, and it works! Well, mostly. Basically, the play/pause button is functional in media apps (it toggles mute when you're on a call), and the inline mic works for calling, voice search, etc. Very nice touch -- who knows, maybe we'll have a standard for this stuff now.

Unfortunately, the volume up/down does not work, but that's basically exactly the same as using Apple's newer headphones with last-gen devices like the iPhone 3G. Given the fact that the other stuff works, though, it seems entirely feasible future Nexus devices will enable volume control this way. Overall, though, I'd say this is pretty nice -- especially considering most companies just opt to build their own lame inline remote interface that sometimes isn't even used on more than one device.

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Are you testing it on AT&T? (nothing to do with using the headphones, just curious).
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They work with the Droid Eris as well. Well, I'm not sure about the mute thing - I haven't tried it - but play/pause while listening to music, and the inline mic, work.
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Sure to be revelatory news for the 12 people who will try the combination. Just kidding. (Sort of...)

But I do agree it's cool that the interoperability is there.
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this is one of those nice little unexpected touches. i own an iphone 3gs, but my service has become near unlivable in the last month or so, but that's another post.

i'm just glad to know that the headphones i have for my iphone will still have a functioning mic if i make the nexus one switch. my 3gs pair i leave in the car, the pair from my 1st gen iphone is my back up and a set of Nixon Whip with mic that stays in my backpack.

in a world where the thought of switching devices so easily becomes a switch in which accessories go with said device, this is a welcome change.
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Seems like HTC likes Apple accessories as the Apple headphones with remote also work with the HTC Hero (Android) phone.
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Now if only there was 3G on AT&T. Sigh.....
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It seems the Nexus One (Andriod 2.1 OS) allows for multiple audio streams. I had Slacker running. The headphone button started & stopped the Slacker stream (which was cool, btw). But I launched Music, while Slacker was playing (Slacker was first), and the mic button controlled Slacker, not Music.

Just something to keep in mind if you find 2 audio apps playing at once.
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Does the noise cancelling mic still function with the headset in?
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I just tested them out a little while ago. Too bad the volume buttons don't work. I'm glad it has a headphone jack!
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Unfortunately, the Apple headphones does not work with the HTC Desire Z at all, not even the microphone. Used to work with older HTC devices...
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