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October 20th 2011 4:06 am

Nexus phone naming convention

The Nexus One was the first Nexus phone that Google produced, as its name suggests. The logical successor to the One would be the Two. However, Google introduced the Nexus S, based on the Galaxy S chassis from Samsung, as its second phone. The third Nexus phone from Google is known as the Galaxy Nexus (not Nexus Prime as rumored) which again is related to the Galaxy line of phones. 

One way to think of the name Nexus S is that is is the S variation of the Nexus family because it uses Galaxy S hardware. By that same logic, the Galaxy Nexus a "Nexus" variation of the Galaxy line from Samsung. So does this mean the Galaxy Nexus is more of a Samsung phone than a Google Nexus phone by name? (obviously it is still very much a Nexus device by all means but the naming was rather interesting/confusing to me)

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One thing I will wait to see about is the marketing confusion and in-store discussions that happen based on this "Galaxy" naming. For example, say current rumors are true and Verizon gets the Galaxy Nexus since they passed on the Samsung Galaxy S II. Now someone goes into Sprint and says they want the Galaxy Nexus, Sprint can say we don't carry that, but we have this phone the Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch which is part of the Galaxy line.
I only think of this because I still find it interesting that just last month they brought the Galaxy S II line to the US and now they already have another top tier device. I figure they have to be somewhat concerned about cannibalizing their own sales.
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This bothers me greatly. It bothered me when Samsung convinced Google to abandon an easy-to-follow generational naming convention - and it bothers me even more that they've now switched the hierarchy of the names by putting Galaxy in front of Nexus. I hadn't even considered the brand confusion which will occur for consumers - but maybe there's a positive angle to that. Nexus phones (as I've been lead to believe) don't have amazing sales numbers. But the Galaxy line has had record breaking success. Maybe it's Google's hope that the name will help propel the Nexus brand into a new level of popularity.

I would welcome that. It is, after all, mostly about infusing the market with the true Google experience.
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