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August 28th 2013 12:15 pm

Nintendo 2DS, is there actually a market for this?

With the announcement this morning of the Nintendo 2DS, I can't but help wonder who is going to buy this.

It just seems so odd. It takes away the 3D aspect which was the main selling point of the 3DS when it first came out. I also think a lot of games are designed for 3D mode and this would ruin some of the gaming experience, although it may not ruin kids' eyes

What do you think about this odd thing

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I think the lower price point will be very, very attractive to parents. Mobile gaming is starting to supplant portable handhelds, but the cost of a smartphone is still something parents might hesitate over. At $130, parents might be more willing to take the plunge, since it's a lower initial cost, doesn't require a plan, and can take a dent if dropped. A lot of people didn't use the 3D anyway (though the fact that it still takes 3D photos is so weird).

It sort of reminds me of something that happened on the subway the other day. My boyfriend took out our 3DS and was playing it, and during that time I saw a woman near us mime playing one to her female companion, not judgmentally, but in what I interpreted as a "how about that" or "maybe you should get that for your kid" way. And a couple near us were definitely talking about getting a 3DS too, they seemed particularly interested in the size of the screen. I think people can still see the value in having a dedicated handheld, but the added cost makes it hard to justify when budgets are tight. The 2DS might hit that market.
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Yeah, I suppose it always comes down to price. I guess as a kid you don't really know/care about it.

I decided I would look into the history of Game Boy pricing and the game boy/ game boy color all retailed under $100. Of course adjusting for inflation and the multitude of technology in the new 2DS, $130 seems quite in line with what my parents were willing to splurge for when I begged them as a kid for a game boy.
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I recently had a boatload of Best Buy Reward Zone points to use up and couldn't think of what else to use them on, so I decided to get a 2nd 3DS so that I could play multiplayer games with the kids. I got the XL for the better battery life, but, had I know this was coming, I might have actually just waited and got this instead. I like the clamshell design for carrying in my laptop bag, but this would be fine for around the house use, especially since I never turn on the 3D feature. The 3DS is my favorite console series to date due to the huge library of great DS games, and the expanding lineup of good 3DS games. Add to that the Virtual Console, and the game library on this is really hard to beat.

It will be interesting to see how well this sells. At least Nintendo is not afraid to try some new ideas and see what sticks.
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I couldn't imagine any worse design than this. However backward compatibility of Nintendo's ecosystem can make this popular among kids and parents. Also I don't think the absence of the 3D feature can be a bullet to this one, because it's price already will tell everything. Anyway it still has crap design as hell. By the way If this sells good I guess there will be a cheap Vita too. Which is a trend nowadays.
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Although I don't own a 3DS, I own a DS Lite. I quite liked it. When I saw the 3DS, the 3D hurt my eyes from the first 5 minutes and I decided I wouldn't buy one. Didn't know it had an option to turn off 3D, but if I did, that probably would have changed my decision. However, I really like the clamshell design on the DS, so I would probably still buy a 3DS over a 2DS for that reason alone. It makes it a lot more durable.
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