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January 2nd 2012 12:50 pm

Nintendo supposedly planning an app store for the Wii U?

According to Engadget [1], Nintendo is planning an app store for the Wii U. Am I alone in believing that this is BS, given their previous history of disliking "garage" developers [2]? I really hope it's true and that they've seen the light, but I really doubt it.

[1] www.engadget.com­/2012­/01­/02­/nintendo­-plans­-improve...
[2] www.wired.com­/gamelife­/2011­/03­/nintendo­-garage­-dev...

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They can only improve from where they are. The WiiWare experience is poor compared to other consoles. Though they carry some indy game titles such as "World of Goo" and "And Yet It Moves" they have not been supportive in promoting the contributions of indy devs.
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i think they should sell game to download for the wii u the idea is good
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Going to add this to the pile of "Nintendo hates garage developers":


"According to Hill-Whittall, Nintendo doesn't allow developers to share digital sales numbers for self-published WiiWare and downloadable DS titles.

That's an interesting tack to take, and Hill-Whittall argues that it hurts smaller developers who might need to make those sales numbers known in order to secure financing or plan out their business."
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