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May 24th 2014 9:04 pm

Nixeus Vue 27" 2560x1440p IPS Monitor

Hey guys,

i just picked up one of these monitors this week and i got to say i am so impressed that i had to post it up for others to know. The picture and color quality is amazing on this monitor. i did a little research before i picked up this monitor and it claimed to have same panels as apple and dell. i can reassure you that it does hold the same quality as said. I believe they only use grade A panels and above. 60hz 2560x1440 27" IPS Monitor with lots of great reviews and features. Has all the output ports that i needed to connect with my PC. i watched HD videos and played some games on this and im stunned. it is such a big picture quality difference compared to my Asus 23" 1920x1080p. I also see that they also have a display port only version aim primarily towards MACs.

From what my friend tells me, they have a pretty good customer service. They were able to work with him for a while to get his situation fixed and was happy to fix it out of warranty. That's one of the main reasons i had to give this upcoming company a try. Especially after they sponsored ZEPHYR dota 2 team.

Anyways i think this is a monitor a lot of people would enjoy so i thought i would post up my reaction on it. The price isn't too expensive as well and i got mine off of amazon. the only problem it came with was 1 small stuck pixel in the top corner that is barely noticeable. i would definitely buy more monitors from them in the future because they are so reputable and true to their product.


feel free to state any comments or questions

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