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October 18th 2013 11:53 am

no battery replacement?! No thank you.

I had a kindle touch for a year. The battery died after that year and it became an useless box. Until kindle gets replaceable batteries it's not a machine for me.

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Sadly, this is the route that almost all electronics manufacturers are going with their devices. For better or for worse, non-replaceable batteries allow companies to make thinner, better looking, and (in some cases) more durable products.

But this is definitely a downside -- once the battery dies, you need to buy an entire new device if it's out of warranty.

(That said, have you tried calling Amazon? Their customer service is pretty stellar and they might be able to help you out.)
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I've called Amazon and they gave me $15 on the next purchase but what I wanted was a replacement battery. I found some online but they won't send them to Portugal :(
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