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June 25th 2013 12:26 pm

No camera flash? Smaller sensor? Sigh.

When I first saw the specs on this phone I got really excited. A 6.44" full HD screen is nothing to scoff at, and neither is a 3000mAh battery or a 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU. But I think Sony compromised a bit too much trying to get the phone thin. I use the camera flash on my Nexus 4 a LOT as a flashlight. And, especially in a phone at the price point the Xperia Z Ultra is likely to carry (in the $600 to $700 range, at least), it's a shame to include a camera of only 8MP when the slightly older Xperia Z has 13MP to play with.

Well, I won't be getting either device if they don't get the Nexus Edition treatment, anyway. I can't take skinned Android. :P

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In response to your point about the camera only shooting 8MP still photos: Sony got a lot of criticism for cramming all those pixels into a small sensor, while also over-processing the images, especially when HTC showed that a lower number of pixels makes more sense for a smartphone camera.
With 8MP photos, the camera might perform better than the Xperia Z's 13MP camera, which defaults to 9MP anyway (so that the photos are in a 16:9 form, to suit the display's aspect ratio).
I rarely use the camera flash of my iPhone, neither for taking pictures in low-light, nor to act as a flashlight. But I do get your point: in the very few occasions that I do need to use the LED flash, it really does help, and I would not buy a phone without a camera flash. Though I'm not really sure if I can call the Xperia Z Ultra a 'phone'. As written in Gizmodo: "Sony's Xperia Z Ultra phone is… No. Hell no, it's not a phone."
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It's a Phablet (not a Phoblet, not a Phone, not a Tablet).
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After reading all the bad remarks about the 8Mp and absence of flash, I expected the worst picture quality from this phablet. But I am actually very pleased with the pictures. I even have the impression that the picture quality is slightly better than my old and now retired Samsung Galaxy Note (also with 8Mp). Especially for auto-portrait and dark and movement stabiliser, I am much happier with Sony Xperia Z Ultra than with Samsung Galaxy Note, Note 10.1 and Galaxy SII. I did get my phablet at slightly less than 300 euro, which is considerably less expensive than Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and that might influence my judgement...
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