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December 12th 2013 2:55 pm

No market for Android w/iPhone 5s form factor?

I want to reach my thumb across the entire screen.
Why would I want to watch a movie on my phone?
At least ONE physical button on the front?
Full-fledged specs on a smaller form factor (not a crippled "mini" version of a flagship)
Moto G is close, but it looks like it's made by Hasbro. . .

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Sadly I think most Android OEM's are going this route now, and trying to compensate by offering three sizes. Perhaps a HTC One Mini or Galaxy S4 mini would suffice.
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Why is this a sad thing? I don't want a phone bigger than my face.
Edit: I've never owned an iOS device btw and do not intend to. I've gone back to an old Sony Ericsson (non Android) after getting tired of Android flagship devices.
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I have large hands and my thumb can reach across my nexus 4 :S

That being said, The Sony Xperia Ray (now an older phone) had a nice design in a form factor that was more compact. I almost bought one of those. As Frank said, the HTC One Mini and Galaxy S4 Mini are the modern day equivalent of a reasonable sized phone. Sony continues to make smaller android phones (just don't look at the Z series)
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The Z Ultra is gigantic!
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I know. I was holding one and it literally is ludicrous. It dwarfs the Note 3 but not the Galaxy Mega

I was referring to the Xperia SP, J, and M which all seem reasonable size. Anything but the Z series haha
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I don't want the iPhone form factor, but I will admit that the sweet spot in terms of size was the Motorola Photon 4G. I really miss that phone. I like the Note II, but man is it hard to use with one hand. :/
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