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January 10th 2013 8:26 am

no software updates

The problem with all the htc devices is that they add that orrible htc sense layer that adds months of delays to every software updates released from google. Htc will not update this phone for more than 6 months from its launch, like they did with all the devices that they launched in the past. Just buy a samsung device, or a google nexus one, you can be sure that you will get android updates for a much longer time.

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Different people have different preferences.

The HTC One X (Not the One X+) just got jelly bean I believe so updates do come out. I personally like HTC sense better than Samsung Touchwiz. The Google Nexus One is no longer getting software updates. It is staying on android 2.3.6
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I meant obviously "google nexus" devices... The nexus one is 3 years old...
If you want a timely update, buy a google nexus device :-)
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