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April 9th 2012 9:10 am

Nokia 808 PureView available for pre-order in Italy for $780. Worth it?

Engadget reports that you can now pre-order a SIM-free Nokia 808 PureView from Nokia Italy, for €599, or about $780. Is it worth it to become one of the first owners of this 41-megapixel cameraphone?

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I think the only folks that can justify this sort of purchase are collectors and enthusiasts. There's simply no practical reason to pick this up as either a smartphone or a camera. And at this price, you could purchase quality products in both categories.
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The camera is the only selling factor in this phone. Put the camera technology in a Windows Phone and then it would be worth buying.
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Though this phone has a GREAT camera, but still we cant deny the fact that spending $780 on Symbian Belle phone, which doesn't have a much of apps and the user interface is also not TOO good, is useless. Instead one can buy a IDevice or an Android, and the people who want a good camera experience, for them there are other phones too with a great image quality (though not as good as 808) but still. And I would rather prefer to buy an Android and a good SLR, instead.
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