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November 8th 2012 8:08 am

NOOK Simple Touch Backup

Hi everyone,

My name is Ferdinando and I live in Italy. I'm looking for a backup of the Nook (about 1.86 GB) beacuse I formatted mine and can't be restored without backup.
I know doing that I wont be albe to use B&N shop again but I don't care, I don't use Wi-Fi neither.
Thanks in advance for everyone who will be so kind to give me the backup. Please help me.

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Hey Ferdinando,

It is my understanding that sharing their backup image with you might make it impossible for them to use the B&N shop as well should someone other than you accidentally turn on the Wi-Fi on your nook. Also, because someone else's backup image includes their account information, this might not be the best way to restore your device for either party.

It should be possible to get your nook re-imaged at any B&N store - or at least that is what I have been lead to believe. However, I am not sure how this works in Italy. Is it possible to ship it in for servicing?

Best wishes and good luck!
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