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June 10th 2011 4:30 pm

Not everyone is a fan of iCloud...

Just got off the phone with my dad. He told me that he won't be installing iOS 5 on his iPhone, because he doesn't want Apple to have access to all his contacts and other data.


Have you encountered this with your parents, family members, or other friends?

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Did you warn him that he will have to stop using smart phones if he doesn't want this? Android and iOS5 are now off his list of options. I assume WM7 as well, but I don't know for sure since I don't pay much attention to the specifics of WM7 features or announcements. WebOS? But for how long? Surely, HP wants to get their grubby hands on that info as well. Looks like there will be a Samsung Bada phone in his future. :D
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Yeah, I've done that. He uses Google for email and I'm like, "look, all your data is basically already in the cloud!" C'est la vie.
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I can totally imagine my Dad saying the same thing. Fortunately, iCloud is optional and each syncing portion can be turned on and off at the user's whim. For instance, a user could use only the music and application syncing in iCloud and leave calendar, mail, contacts, etc off.
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Yeah, my dad doesn't like the idea of the cloud. Of course, I'm pretty sure he'd still be using Windows 95 if that was a viable option, so whatever.
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My dad always never installs apps on his HTC Incredible after reading the entire license agreement. He already thinks Google has too much access to his info so most apps that have access to his contacts or other info, he doesn't install.
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I have a concern, though it is not the same one your father has. I'm concerned about not having web access to the content, in the same way Google handles its cloud services. For example, in iCloud, the only way I can access a Pages document is in a device running Pages. If I am at a friend's computer that doesn't have pages installed, I won't be able to access that file, event though it lives "in the cloud." Perhaps there will be some integration of a web presence in the future a la Google Docs with iWork on the Web. However, for me, not having a way to access my cloud content via a browser is somewhat limiting.
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I've never encountered it with family probably because they're just unaware but I do have had friends that TRY to avoid all presence on the web. I tell them that it's pointless battle and that they should just give up and enjoy life in the cloud.
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