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October 14th 2012 8:12 am

Not the best media player

What kind of a nonsense is to say that this is "the best media player" ? What "media" ? CD one ? DVD one ? DVD-A one ? [the best sound quality so far] Internet junk one ? How can you get a good sound out of a little thing that is flat like a pancake ? How can you get good chips and capacitors inside ? What kind of an amplifying circuit can fit inside this gizmo ? Not a good one. At the minimum this thing has to have the signal routed to an external portable amplifier before the quality of the sound trickling out of it is deemed acceptable. As it is the sound is O.K. for junk earphones or headphones but for a better headphones it will not do. Bloody fraud it is and not "the best media player". People are gullible, all it takes for an enterprise to make money is to wrap a dog poo in a chocolate and then advertise : "this is the best chocolate piece ever" and people will believe it and buy it and eat it.
This seems to be at the moment the best media player now : www.audio­-ideas.com­/reviews­/sony­-bdp­-sx1000.html

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Since most of your objections to the iPod touch are related to sound quality, why ignore the HM-801?


However, I think you are ignoring several variables that have to be considerations when working the calculus for the "best" in portable media. I agree that audio quality is very important, but am less enthusiastic about support for optical media (really dude - in a portable device?). However, there are more variables involved. For example, in addition to sound quality and support for optical media, I think one has to consider:
  • convenience (including UI, library organization and playback features)
  • portability (size and weight)
  • ecosystem (not just a store and DRM, but also integration with your other gadgets)
  • cost
  • durability
  • battery life
  • video quality
  • apps (games!)
  • connectivity (none, wifi, 3G, LTE)
  • Internet streaming (Pandora, rdio, etc.)
Each person may attach great importance to one or more variables, and completely ignore others. There is no right or wrong answer as, in most instances, personal preference may not equate to some rigid set of objective values. Furthermore, one must recognize that some variables are diametrically in opposition (e.g. quality and cost). Thus, depending on how you weight each variable, a notebook computer may be the best portable media player; or it might be the BDP-SX1000, HM-801 or even an iPod touch 5th-gen.
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It isn't really even a PMP. It's a PDA. It's just plain in the wrong product category. It's fine leaving the iPod nano and mini in the PMP category, they can't do anything else, but the primary reason someone gets the iPod touch is for the apps, and there isn't even a rating for ecosystem.
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"the primary reason someone gets the iPod touch is for the apps"

Or maybe, they're getting an iPod touch for the ability to play music and apps? People consider various factors when buying a PMP, as MtnSloth pointed out, and sound quality isn't always on the list (if it was, MP3 wouldn't still be the most popular file format).

Additionally, "media" doesn't just encompass music and movies; technically all games and many other apps are media too.
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