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May 21st 2013 2:44 pm

Not the only One!

Despite the singularity implied by calling your product the "One", there have actually been a bunch of gadgets with that name over the years. Thought I'd put together a list of the ones I could think of off the top of my head, please point any I've missed in the comments!

Xbox One - gdgt.com­/microsoft­/xbox­/one/
HTC One - gdgt.com­/htc­/one­/2013/
Nexus One - gdgt.com­/htc­/google­/nexus­-one/
Geeksphone One - gdgt.com­/geeksphone­/one/
Kin One - gdgt.com­/microsoft­/kin­/one/
Synapse One - gdgt.com­/synapse­-phones­/synapse­/one/

gdgt.com­/fitbit­/one/ (Thanks, Dignan17!)

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Jet Li - The One

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Those ones aren't the only Ones!

Harmony One - gdgt.com­/logitech­/harmony­/one/
Doxie One - gdgt.com­/apparent­/doxie­/one/
Klipsch Image One - gdgt.com­/klipsch­/image­/one/
Acer Aspire One D270 - gdgt.com­/acer­/aspire­/one­/d270/
Samsung ATIV One - gdgt.com­/samsung­/ativ­/one­/7/
Dell Inspiron One 2320 Touch - gdgt.com­/dell­/inspiron­/one­-2320­/touch/
Olive One - gdgt.com­/olive­/one/
Matrix One - gdgt.com­/matrix­/one/
BryteWerks Model One - gdgt.com­/brytewerks­/model­/one/
Conspin ANDI-ONE - gdgt.com­/conspin­/andi­-one/
WOWee One(s) - gdgt.com­/wowee­-one­/speaker­-docks/

Basically, if you name a product the One, you're a total cliche.
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You guys are buying the domain rights for gdgtone and engadgetone, right?
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FitBit One

Of course, Kin One is the most humorous as a general product :)
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I guess ill have to stop calling my original Xbox the 'Xbox one'
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Sony re-released the original playstation after the PS2 came out as the PSOne.

So this isn't even the first gaming system named One.
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and that one is the most important one!
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seem relevant
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You can use google foo to get a more comprehensive list. The following search term seems to work wel:: `inurl:one site:gdgt.com intitle:"review - gdgt"`
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The irony with the name "One" is that it is meant to suggest it will be the "one" box you will need in the entertainment center, when, in fact, you will still need your cable box if you watch TV. It won't even be your "one" gaming console unless you it is your first gaming console. For that matter, it won't even be your "one" Xbox unless it is your first Xbox since this one doesn't have backwards compatibility, meaning that 360 owners will undoubtedly keep their 360s unless they have never purchased games for it before and won't be ditching a huge investment in games or DLC.

To take the irony to another level... perhaps you are wondering why they made it a plain rectangle shape... because the 360 is a funky shape that you can't set another box on, and, since people will keep their 360, they had to make the One flat so there'd be a place to set the 360. And that will make it look like the 360 is actually the main console in the entertainment center.

To sum up, "One" couldn't be any further from the truth if they tried. I love Microsoft marketing! :D This is almost as good as, "You don't really need a desktop anymore."
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Don't forget Purina ONE dog chow.
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Neo "The one"
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BLU Life One gdgt.com­/blu­/life­/one/

Gradiente iphone Neo One gdgt.com­/gradiente­/iphone­/neo­-one/

Klipsch Image ONE gdgt.com­/klipsch­/image­/one/

LG Optimus One gdgt.com­/lg­/optimus­/one/

Jays t-JAYS One gdgt.com­/jays­/t­-jays­/one/

found using gdgt.com­/search­/one/
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O.N.E. Coconut water www.onedrinks.com/
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if we go that way.....we also have

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Not forgetting every product from PalmOne...

(Almost all of their products are now listed under Palm on gdgt.)
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does the G1 count? (cant find gdgt link....=( )
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ubuntu one
u2's one
one condoms
metallica's one
google plus one
google one pass
several services called "one connect"
the samsung one
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Don't forget about the apogee one!
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The Big Red One

- This could be Microsoft's name for a limited edition red Xbox One -

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Ubuntu One
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And they are all dumb names. Especially the Xbox One. The HTC One and Nexus One I understand, because they could iterate with the Two or Deux or Deuce or some other clever way to build upon the platform. However, having the Xbox's 3rd gen be called the One make very little sense.

Xbox 360
Xbox One

I think this means that they are not going to make another Xbox after this. It's a different conversation for sure, but the naming convention makes me think that this is the LAST "ONE" Microsoft is going to do. The whole evolving thru the cloud echoes the same reasoning as well, although the current game consoles do that anyway.

What else could they do after the "One?"

Xbox Finale
Xbox Infinity- my fav
Xbox Cloud
Xbox Zero
Xbox One+?
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There's also the BLU Life One, LG Optimus One and the Dell XPS One series.
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Xiaomi's mi one
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I don't agree with that, as the number 1 in the Xiaomi Mi-1 only signals the first generation of a product. That's why I also can't quite agree with the inclusion of the Nexus One.
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I get it, the One is the one with a special meaning, or a great hit.
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