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Now i own this powerful htc desire unlocked/unbranded until now i didn't receive the update to froyo , i bought it from the middle east where i live, will…

the update come over here or no?? i mean is there countries that will not receive the update? if yes is Egypt from them?

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<don't know about your specific country but have you tried to manually search for updates? settings-->about phone-->system software updates-->check now.
I had to do it manually here in Norway. I think it might be because it's unbranded...
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yes i did and it didn't work , so i asked htc about the issue and they said the update will be available in the next upcoming months

thanks Refwhett
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have you tried this?

*#*#2432546#*#* which translates to *#*#checkin#*#*

Once you have typed the above on your keypad your phone will display a message that you have successfully checked in, you should then go to settings-->about phone-->system software updates-->check now, as suggested previously.

If there are any updates available you will get them then.
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I got mine from Saudi Arabia and I'm also living in Egypt and I didn't get the update to Froyo yet :-(
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