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June 3rd 2010 4:27 pm

Of the people who switched from the BlackBerry OS to the Android OS, how many of you feel that notifications on Android don't work as well as they do with…

push notifications on BlackBerry?

Here is a clear example: On my BlackBerry I used SocialScope and I had it set to notify me every time someone would reply to me on Twitter or Facebook (either Wall post or email). The notifications were magically pushed instantly. Since I moved to Android I have yet to find an social app that lets you set up push notifications the way they are handled on the BlackBerry. For Facebook I only get push notifications for Facebook email messages. I don't ever get any notification for wall posts addressed to me, or Twitter replies, or Facebook comments updates in threads where I participated. I understand you can get notified through email or sms instead but what I'm talking about here is push notification from the app. Is that even possible on Android? Or am I too stupid that I can't even figure out how to set that up?

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It is possible, but Facebook is to blame, They have not built in notification into their app, nor released any good tools to do it, that could change shortly but now we are limited. Have you tried the official Twitter app? Its not as good as some of the others but it will give you notifications to every type of communication be it reply, posts, dm, ect.
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I'll second deinfinityx about Facebook. For such a popular website their apps are pretty horrendous. As for Twitter I would try any of the apps in the marketplace above Peep. I prefer Seesmic but there is also Twidroid, Teeter (think that's the name) & official Twitter App.

In the terms notifications on twitter you can adjust all the settings and notification times. If I have Seesmic running I'l get notified of mentions. For Facebook you can try using Blue but I didn't like it all, but it might do better with notifications.

Also keep in mind if you're using a task manager and terminating the app it's not going to notify you if it's not running, Android also does manage the memory for apps. Either way if you're on the incredible you shouldn't really have to worry about memory management as there is a ton of memory.
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