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October 26th 2011 4:43 pm

OfficeSuite Pro 5 for Android - Free Today!

Amazon's daily app deal is OfficeSuite Pro 5 for Android, normally $15.

App description:

Just in case you need to bring the office home with you, OfficeSuite Pro is a complete feature-rich mobile office. When you can't get it done between nine to five, OfficeSuite Pro makes your job as efficient and painless as possible.

Full-Featured OfficeThis office productivity suite has everything you need from mobile office software. With OfficeSuite Pro, access tools for word processing, developing spreadsheets, delivering presentations, and browsing PowerPoint and PDF files. Create, view, and edit Microsoft Word and Excel files.

Google Docs IntegrationThe software features the most commonly used desktop document formats and includes a File Browse. The integration with Google Docs allows you to access your remotely stored documents.

CompatibilityThe program supports Microsoft Office 97 to 2010 text documents - DOC and DOCX (open , edit, and save), Microsoft Office 97 to 2010 spreadsheets - XLS and XLSX (open , edit, and save), opening PPT, PPTX, PPS, and PPSX presentations, PDF files viewing, and integration with Google Docs.

OfficeSuite Pro is an essential productivity application offering greater office efficiency than ever anywhere, anytime.

You can find it here: www.amazon.com­/gp­/product­/B0051UP5NQ

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thanks for the tip. I wasn't planning on getting the free app today.
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Thanks for the tip! I'm definitely going to check this out. I'm still hoping that Google will update their Docs app so it's actually usable on a Android. It's just terrible at the moment, especially for spreadsheets. I hope this is better!

Thanks again.
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I went ahead and got it, though I haven't installed it yet. Will be checking it out. Thanks!
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