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September 14th 2011 7:21 pm

OK Windows 8, convince me!

I really like the Metro UI on Windows 8 Dev build. I still however fail to see how it is not just a skin running over standard Windows. I know it is built right into the kernel architecture, but looking at it strictly from a usability standpoint the splitting of the OS over the two interfaces seems jarring to me, and I'm afraid I would end up reverting to standard Windows rather than going back and forth between UI experiences.

Am I completely off base here? Convince me that this will be a good experience, because I want it to be!

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You aren't off base. A jack of all trades is a master of none.
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If you want a tablet and a desktop computer in one, Windows 8 might be able to scratch your itch. The idea that I can use a Windows 8 device both as a desktop computer as well as a proper tablet is pretty enticing for me. Use the Windows 7-like desktop when you have a keyboard and mouse, but when you're on the go, use the finger-friendly start menu UI.

My only reservations are Microsoft's ability to keep the OS nimble and not kill the battery and being able to keep the desktop paradigm out of the tablet experience.
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Just got windows8 up and running in a virtual machine. I hate it. I agree about the skin on top of windows7. I also hate that it shows partial text on the screen. I know the zune and windows phone os do that too. Thats the one thing ive hated when using a windows phone. I think this bad, especially from a design perspective.
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