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April 26th 2010 12:16 am

okay i know a lot of people complain about how the HD2 is too big but isn't that what people buy it for?

thus, this phone is completely useless

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I could barely operate this thing with one hand. If I can't operate a phone with one hand while on the go, then it's a deal killer to me. I think a 3.7" screen could be where it's at in terms of screen size.

Plus having WinMo 6 on this thing effectively kills it as Microsoft is killing dev on WinMo completely.
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yeah well the extra screen real estate is obviously becoming a trend with htc devices no? (EVO 4G, nexus one, droid incredible, desire, etc. the list goes on and on) i think its a good thing...well i guess its really up to the user to decide how big they want their screen to be :)
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