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on the most part this mouse is good. however.

I have trouble getting this to track on my mat finish white desk let alone any glass surface that they claim it works on.

I have also just realised that the application specific button set up doesn't seem to work. it worked once but then switched out of the program and back and it has never worked since. (even with the updated setpoint software)

in addition the side scrolling switch is just ridiculously tight and just not usable

However, despite these issues that i have accepted and work around. this mouse seems like the the best mouse in years.. I thought that the G5 was a solid work mouse but i went through two of them in the space of two years through the same fault.

The Performance is a good weight comfortable grip (the groove for the thumb takes a lot of the strain from having to grip the mouse.

The additional thumb buttons (one bellow the thumb and one under the forward and back buttons) take a bit of getting used to but are welcome.

the toggle between line by line click scrolling and free spinning scroll wheel is fantastic. a simple solution to the problem of some of the earlier models with the weighted wheel.

Over all I find it a good work mouse and would give it a perfect score if the issues above were addressed.

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Weird, to me it works flawlessly on my glass table. No need for mat or anything. And agree, it's the best mouse I ever had in years.
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Same here. No problems att all neither with tracking nor button assignments.
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