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One of the things that interests me most about Google TV is the ability to have access to the full internet from the TV.

This would make an excellent gift for my parents, aunt and uncles as it should give them access to Gmail/Email and Facebook, in addition to video content. However, rumored prices have it at $300, which would be a major disincentive. DVR capabilities is not a major concern for me. For me, Web Browsing is make or break.

Do Roku players, or Apple TV have web browsing abilities/access to the FULL internet?

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I am not convinced many people want the full internet on their TVs. People tend to sit far away from their TVs making the experience less than ideal. Netflix, Pandora, YouTube etc for the TV I completely get (and want). Facebook, Twitter, Email I don't.
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Yeah I think the portion of the population that wants to web browse on a TV is very, very small. Laptops, smartphones, and no tablets will do this infinitely better.
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back in 2003 i worked at a gateway store and my manager used to hate the concept of the media center pc's we sold back then. he said the pc is not meant to be used with a tv. 7 years later, the joke's on him... it's only a matter of time before this catches on ;)
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Don't think that you'll be able to connect to ANY website that you normally can on your laptop or PC. You can NOT connect to the major networks with Google TV. Most of the APPS for Google TV are for 'pay for use' related services. Go to Best Buy and TRY to connect to NBC / CBS / ABC to watch your favorite past programs. It's NOT going to happen!
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