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February 22nd 2014 2:00 pm

Onlive 2 closed beta screenshots

Hi i am a cloud council member of onlive 2. Cloud council is the group of people who get to test onlive 2 onlives next iteration before it is released to the masses. These are some screenshots to wet your tastebuds before its release q1 of this year. I was not supposed to tell even this much but thought the gaming world should know.

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I say you should post them so we can see. ;)

Anyway, I thought OnLive had a lot of interesting potential back in the day. I even purchased a few games through the service and had a lot of fun. But network issues often made the graphical quality suffer and the controllers were sometimes laggy. (That said, it was a beautiful piece of hardware. I just wish the service worked better.)
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You're not allowed to post screens from what I know, so I wouldn't post those screens anyway.

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