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February 28th 2014 2:51 pm

Operation Finish all the Games, February 2014

Today ends month three of my little project (month two for those who decided to join in after my first post). A shorter month, but that's no excuse not to try. How did I do?

First, for those just joining us, a little recap of the "rules," what little there are:
  1. Beat or finish one game a month. This means doing what it takes to complete the main story mode and prompt a credits scroll.
  2. Side-quests and post-credit content are not counted in this; I'll go back and work on those at my own leisure. Same with multiple endings.
  3. More than one game can be finished in a month but it won't count toward future months.
  4. Games do not have to be finished the same month they are started.
  5. Games I've already stopped giving a crap about are not included in my backlog and are unlikely to be mentioned here.
So, in this shorter month, how many games did I finish?
  1. Professor Layton and the Last Specter (Nintendo DS). When I stopped commuting to work regularly I stopped playing my DS regularly, so I have a bit of a backlog to tackle. After finishing up Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors I was on a bit of a puzzle kick, so I popped this in the DS right away, figuring I was in the right state of mind and it wouldn't take long to finish. It did go by rather quickly. Unfortunately, I also seem to suck at puzzles now, as I found myself looking up hints and solutions far more often than I usually do. However, I found that even with the solutions, some puzzles still didn't make sense, which makes me wonder if they were running out of steam in the puzzle-making department. I'll find out when I finally get around to playing the 3DS installments.
And... that's it. I spent an extra day or two working on getting the "good" ending in Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, but that doesn't make a huge difference in terms of time. I didn't bother with Revenant Wings since well, I pretty much despise it now. I also played a good chunk of Assassin's Creed II but took a two-week break due to the Olympics, plus I'm trying to cut down on PS3 use since our electric bill went up (ConEd had to raise everyone's rates due to the extreme cold we've been having in the NE).

Oh, I bought and am now playing Bravely Default! I like it. But man, what is up with some of those outfits?

I feel like they're trying to actively discourage me from making the female characters mages, because... ugh.


Games finished: 1
Towns flooded: 1
Soldiers stabbed in the back: lots
Civilians stabbed in the back: oops

Given that the project is to finish one game a month, I'm still on track with my original goal. I'm just a bit disappointed that I can't maintain the same pace every month, as it was making a huge dent in my backlog.

You can find me on Backloggery here: backloggery.com­/lampbane/
I also made a Grouvee account: www.grouvee.com­/user­/Lampbane/

I'm actually liking Grouvee a lot, it basically is Goodreads for books, just with less features. One of the little touches I like is that you can have it automatically import games from your Steam account, and it will mark the unplayed ones as "Backlog." Brilliant!

Previous months:
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"Civilians stabbed in the back: oops"


I've beat two games (not including Borderlands 2 play throughs, DLCs) in the past two months which is a record for me since 2010. I was starting to think I'd never play anything besides Borderlands 2 again.

Beyond: Two Souls was definitely worth the Saturday my son and I spent playing it. And I'm really happy I went back and restarted and then finally finished Resistance. The ending was a little blah but overall I enjoyed the story (the banter and colorful additions made by myself and my roommate didn't hurt). But if it involves alien or alien-like enemies and guns I'm pretty easy (*coughs* Bulletstorm).
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Borderlands 2 is pretty much all I play now. I'm not big into shooters, but I am having tons of fun with it. Playing with friends helps.
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It's such a fun game! I really enjoyed most of the DLCs and silly holiday add ons.

I use to be a PC gamer but got a nasty case of RSI that won't let me use a mouse so I gave up on FPS until Borderlands came out. I enjoyed the game enough that I finally got over the console controller issues and it opened up a bunch more games for me.

My only regret with Borderlands (either) is that I've largely played alone. I just started my third character to play with my roommate and I'm hoping we actually stick with it. It's a lot of fun with other people.
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Anyhow, my adventures this month made me incredibly busy, so I was only able to finish one game:

Scribblenauts Unlimited.

I figured if I had significantly more time I would have themed the month after "saving sisters" which is the goal of both Scribblenauts and Final Fantasy 13, but alas I didn't. Thankfully I am still keeping up with the one game per month goal.

I made some headway into Luigi's Mansion Dark moon in a couple days of downtime. Perhaps in March I will finish it
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This post has been removed.

This post has been removed.


I'll have to check out Grouvee, sounds like what I want in a backlog manager. Sadly my count for this month is a big fat 0. I've been focusing my time and energy on other pursuits, but I do plan on getting Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy and hopefully finishing that next month.

Borderlands 2 is still keeping me occupied, I've been playing pretty much the whole game with my boyfriend and his brother. We voice chat and it's a lot of fun. I can't wait until we get to level 50 so we can really dig into some of the DLC we haven't done yet.
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Let me know if you check out Grouvee, so we can be friends and stuff.
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I think I'll make an account. Now that I've ordered a machine that I can use Steam on I'll actually be able to play some of the games in my backlog.
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I'm happy to say I've finished two games this month: The Banner Saga and Broken Age. I probably could have gotten a few of the smaller indies out of the way (i.e. Limbo), but Anno 2070 has consumed the rest of my waking hours... and sometimes my sleeping ones. When I close my eyes at night, I can see my city quickly falling into debt.
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Been playing the mass effect series. I had avoided it for a long time having not been a fan of the verbal diarrhea when the games fix released. playing it now though, it doesnt bother me, and the story is actually quite good. The games have been going for cheap the last few months, you can get the trilogy pack for as low as $10. I recommend it to anyone who loves sci-fi or just love a good story. each game has about 60+ hours of content.
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