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July 1st 2014 4:10 pm

Operation Finish all the Games, June 2014

The point of this project was to try and reduce my games backlog, which goes back at least 10 years for some games. Unfortunately, new games continue to come out, and plenty of retailers (Steam, GOG.com, Humble Bundle) keep having great sales that I can't ignore, making my task almost Sisyphean. But I'm not giving up just yet, not after I've come so far!

As always, the basic rules of this quest:
  1. Finish or beat one game a month. Generally this means finishing the story mode and getting an "ending" with credits.
  2. Side-quests are entirely optional and can be skipped if it means I finish the game faster.
  3. More than one game can be finished a month, but playing more than one game will not count toward future months.
  4. This isn't going to be every game I've never finished, just the ones I care about finishing.
So I still haven't finished Bravely Default. I have discovered that I somehow have over 95 hours of play time saved, but I'm still only in chapter 6. The jobs system, plus the [SPOILER] boss repetition encourages grinding, so I've just become accustomed to just spinning my wheels and not really making much story progress at all. I know it's just going to get harder so I'm less inclined to push forward with the actual plot. I'm just shy of the end of chapter 6, though, so by end of the week I'll plow ahead into chapter 7 and eventually into the finale.

I did finish:
  1. Shadow of the Colossus (PS3/PSN). This is kind of a big deal for me. Because you see, I played the demo when it came out, and after I finished screaming hysterically and beat the first colossus, I thought, "man, I have got to get this when it comes out." But my backlog had started to grow by then, and I put it off, and put it off. Eventually I bought the Greatest Hits edition when it was on sale at a closing Best Buy, but then I still never got around to it. Eventually the HD version came out, and I was like, "man, I really need to get around to it already." And then the HD version was free on PSN a few months ago, so I "bought" it. So here we are finally. I probably spent most of my play time yelling at the TV, and I despise any board that forces me to ride the horse (stupid thing steers like a shopping cart with a busted wheel). But in spite of a really questionable and frustrating control scheme, it is a lovely game with a (predictably) tragic ending.
  2. Long Live the Queen (Windows). I bought this from this year's summer sale on GOG.com. I hadn't planned on buying anything during any of the sales, but I happened to come across GOG's flash sales and while I initially passed on Long Live the Queen when I first saw it, I then spent the next few days obsessively checking the site to see if it came up again. And then I spent several hours playing the game...again...and again...and again. It's hard. It's really hard. I eventually figured out a workable path toward coronation, improving my performance a little bit each time but still dying. Until eventually I didn't! And it was great! I got a really good ending. I haven't really delved into it again to see if there's another viable path, I'd like to see if I can focus on other attributes, like the more physical stuff, and still somehow make it to the end.
I started Lunar Knights and I probably could have finished it, as it does not appear to be a very long game. But I'm somewhere in chapter 4 (of 5) and I haven't picked it up after failing the dungeon a few times. It's not a bad game, but it's also not the Boktai I remember so I'm a little sad.

Games started: 3
Games finished: 2
Crystals awakened: 3
Innocent colossi murdered: 16
Kings killed in magical duels: 1
Heads in boxes: 1
Lesbian weddings: 1

My backlog: www.grouvee.com­/user­/Lampbane/

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Oh, man. I love love love Shadow of the Colossus! I originally bought it on PS2 (and never beat it). So, I was pumped when it came out for PS3! I bought it... and still never beat it. D'oh!
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I bought it for the PS3, twice if you count PS+ free download, but haven't replayed through it again. I do want to try and do it though because if you keep playing it the main character actually gets stronger and you can climb to the top of the temple.
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Games finished: 2

1. Mario Kart 8. - I had hinted that I burned rubber though one (boooo .... pun) and actually had completed it to my satisfaction on Jun 1.

2. The Stanley Parable - I picked this up during the Steam Summer Sale after a recommendation from a friend at BioWare. I played this game quite thoroughly. Now I'm not claiming to have found every ending myself (after a google, it was easyto see that some are well well hidden), I did enjoy all the ones I played through
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kidsgame ?
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