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March 31st 2014 12:41 pm

Operation Finish all the Games, March 2014

It's that time of month again, where I tell you how much progress I've made on my project to


and you tell me how you're doing, if you've chosen to join me on this quest of dubious usefulness but surefire satisfaction. First, for those of you just joining us or those with short memories, a quick recap:
  1. I have to beat or finish one game a month. This means making it through the main story mode and prompting a credits scroll.
  2. Uncompleted side-quests or post-ending content do not count, as I will finish them at my own leisure.
  3. More than one game can be finished in a month but the "bonus" completions will not count toward future months.
  4. Games do not have to be finished the same month they are started.
  5. This does not include every game in my backlog as that way lies madness. If I no longer give a crap, I'm not wasting time playing it.
So, last month (February) I sadly reported I had only finished one game. Now, a month later, have I regained momentum. Well, some of it... let's take a look.
  1. Assassin's Creed II (PS3). This is the big one for the month. I started it in January or February but didn't get a lot of chances to play it, but this past month I was able to basically plow through most of it, getting 96% of the trophies. I enjoyed it greatly and can understand why people hold it in such reverence, especially as there were a lot of steps backwards gameplay-wise with later installments in the series (gives sideeye to Assassin's Creed III, though I actually did enjoy it). I really wish I could have crouched in the game, though, and had better ways to distract guards. Also, once more, that was NOT an ending.
  2. The Wolf Among Us, Episodes 1 and 2 (PS3). Woo for PS+ sales, as we were able to pick up a season pass for cheap. I'm a big fan of the series (been reading since it started) so I'd been looking forward to this game for a while, and I wasn't disappointed. This was a joint play with my boyfriend; we take turns "driving" but we make decisions together. Having read the comics, our experience was probably very different from other players, since we know more about the characters and what will happen to them later (this is a prequel story).
  3. The Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 1 (PS3). Another PS+ deal, and also a co-play with my boyfriend. We've played Season 1 so we've already seen some of the impact of our choices. Poor Clementine just can't catch a break (she did remember that).
  4. Namco High (Browser). This is a browser-based dating sim with 18 different characters to woo. I've already done two of them, and each takes about an hour, so I'm counting it. This game is cray-cray, yo. I dated Galaga. The ship. It was Juliet in the school play and wore a wig. Then I jumped inside of it so we could fly off and save Pac-Man from Evil Namco High. Nope, doesn't make much sense to me... or does it? Anyway, the company that put the game out, ShiftyLook, is being shut down, so the game is going bye-bye in June. If you're interested in checking it out while it's still around, go: namcohigh.com/
While this might not seem like my most prolific month, it actually was. I also reached chapter 5 of Bravely Default, which is where everything goes absolutely nuts. It's a long game. I've started Heavy Rain as well, which means I keep shouting "JAAAAAASOOOOON!!!!" as I walk around now.

Games finished: 4
Jobs mastered: 4
Templars assassinated: A lot
Stitches: About 4 (poor Clementine!)

You can see my backlog (along with the list of games I've played in the past) on Grouvee: www.grouvee.com­/user­/Lampbane/

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This month I recently became single :( but on the bright side I had a bit more time to put into some games.

In fact, I cleared a game that was 10 weeks on the backlog and another that is 10 years on the backlog.

Games finished: 2

Super Mario 3D world - All fairies saved, Bowser beat down like usual
Kingdom Hearts - Heartless sealed away, 99 dalmations rescued

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I started Heavy Rain, but didn't get very far before losing interest. I'd like to pick it back up and finish so I don't feel guilty every time I see it :)

I did play Assassin's Creed II all the way through. Awesome game! I haven't played any other games in that series except the first two. The rest don't seem to have advanced much. And is it just me, or do that graphics for Black Flag look just bad?
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They looked okay to me, but a lot of reviews have called out the story as being weak and that has me hesitant. Luckily (hah) I still have Brotherhood and Revelations to play before I get there.
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Assassin's Creed 2 is still my favorite of the series, so much so that when the trailer for Unity debuted a few weeks back I fired up a new save file. Brotherhood is a better "game" but the story is really weak. I really liked the narrow focus of Revelations (it centers almost entirely on Ezio) but I missed platforming through the cathedrals and their equivalent in Brotherhood.

Assassin's Creed 4 took a while to get going, but it had a great middle section. After that, it really dragged on for me and felt like a chore to finish. I loved the ship customization, but everything else just felt so rote and tired. I also couldn't tell any of the pirates apart, the story itself went absolutely nowhere and Edward Kenway had zero personality.

You'll notice I left Assassin's Creed 3 out of the discussion. Well, that's because after giving it a solid four hours, I was still not playing as Connor and got tired of all the hand holding that was going on. Especially considering that it was the third game in the series and I'd had plenty of experience getting around at that point. I tried, I really did, but I just couldn't get into 3 whatsoever.
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AC3 is what got me interested in the series, actually: I'm a big fan of the Revolutionary War era, and there isn't really a lot of media dealing with it (I haven't watched Turn yet but I am all over that as soon as I get a chance). I was a bit thrown that I wasn't playing as Connor at first, but I really grew to like Haytham, and wish he was in the game more. (Since Connor is far less sophisticated and repeats "where is Charles Lee?" over and over again like he's a Pokémon. But he's also cuter.) Hand-holding didn't bother me since again, it was my first game, and also, there were some new mechanics to learn (but I'd agree that tutorials need to be more natural).

Having just finished AC2, one thing that frustrated the hell out of me about it was the lack of crouching (and other stealth mechanics). Come on, Metal Gear Solid came out in 1998 and it had crouching! We shouldn't be reinventing the wheel here, people.

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I think that might be because AC2 wasn't exactly imagined as a stealth game? I can't say that there was ever a time where I wanted to crouch but was annoyed that I couldn't. Not trying to stir the pot or anything, it just never bugged me -- I was always too busy plunging hidden blades into guards and Templars from three stories above to worry :)

When I fired up that new save file, I was kind of shocked by how much personality Ezio had and how good the writing was in those opening hours. Seriously, the back and forth between Ezio and his family was killer, and seeing his family's betrayal did more for me than the whole of my time with Edward Kenway ever did.
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Some of the assassination missions specifically called for stealth -- "don't be detected," "don't be seen." That means stealth, not jumping from three stories above. ;) (I tried the three stories above approach... I got detected.)
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