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June 3rd 2014 2:11 pm

Operation Finish all the Games, May 2014

So it's a few days late, but you'll have to forgive me -- I was out last week, and yesterday was Apple day: www.engadget.com­/event­/wwdc2014­/articles/

So anyway, it's time for the latest update on my quest

Six months down and still doing this! If this was a New Year's resolution, it would be the most successful attempt I've ever made. Which might be why I didn't make it a resolution, because I actually wanted to stick with it.

So how did May go? Well, first, the rules:
  1. Finish or beat at least one game a month. That means finishing story mode and getting the credits scroll, in games that actually have an ending.
  2. Screw side-quests. Got no time for that. But, I might choose to pick them back up later.
  3. I can finish more than one game, but they don't count toward future months. I think if they did, I'd be "done" for the year already and that wouldn't be very interesting, would it?
  4. My backlog is only games I care about finishing, not every game I never finished.
May was kind of a busy month for me, as I lost two weeks due to travel. I had my 3DS with me and worked on Bravely Default as much as I could, and I'm making progress, but I'm at the part of the game where you just keep time looping and it's like "uuuuuugggggh" and I refuse to pass up the optional boss fights because I could really use the PG/XP/JP.

I did, however, finish:
  1. Last Window: The Secret of Cape West (DS). I mentioned last month that I was in the last chapter, just a few puzzles away from finishing it but ran out of time. I did wrap it up the very next day, with about an hour left to go. I enjoyed the game, though I found the puzzles maybe just a tad too easy at times. It's a shame the studio is gone, and that they'll never localize Another Code: R in the US (and I can't import it as easily as I did Last Window since it's a Wii game).
  2. Analogue: A Hate Story (Windows). Last week I realized I was going to close out the month with only one game under my belt, so I fired this one up, knowing I could finish it in a couple of hours. I've been interested in trying out Christine Love's work for a while. I enjoyed the story, but the mix of mechanics is what really impressed me -- I especially enjoyed the parts where you're using the command-line interface, and have to figure out the right sequence of commands. So there was both a nostalgic component and a puzzle component to it.
For June, I'm still working on Bravely Default, but I also started up Shadow of the Colossus on PS3. I played the demo for PS2 years ago and was looking forward to it, but for some reason never got around to actually playing the damn thing. So I'm going to finally knock that out. Have killed 3 colossi so far.

Games finished: 2
Hotels stayed at: 3 (but only 1 in a game)
Computers hacked: 1
AI romances: 1

My backlog, as always, is available for viewing here: www.grouvee.com­/user­/Lampbane/

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I feel so dirty. I almost gave up on this, then I chose a terrible game to play for the sake of completion

May was an incredibly busy month and I found myself staring at my shelf of games trying to guess which would have the shortest campaign. I settled on Call of Duty: Ghosts for Wii U as I got it free in a promotion, and figured it couldn't have a lot of content.


1. Call of Duty: Ghosts (Wii U) - It took some binge playing last thursday, but I finished it, and didn't really enjoy it. The ending was awful. I haven't played single player CoD campaign before, and probably won't again.

However for June I am already set as I may have already put Mario Kart 8 through it's paces and watched the credits roll. :) So perhaps I can relax and start some games. Other possibilities for June include:

1. FFXIII (my perennial game on the list)
2. Pikmin 3 (which came free with MK8)
3. Transistor (interests me)
4. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
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