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I guess I just don't understand why you'd want to put an inferior OS with compromises on it while simultaneously engaging in a breach of license (and you didn't bother paying for OS X either, right?) when you could just stick on and leave Win7.

Kicking heavyweight Vista to the kerb I can understand (which wouldn't have been an issue with the D250 anyway), but...?
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Actually it is a legit copy of OS X from my local Affes BX. Windows 7 did not come loaded on it, windows XP did. I prefer OS X for the work I have to do on it when TDY/Deployed. It is much more stable than windows and I can do much more on it. I can even allocate disk space to run as RAM making it faster than windows. Having a TINY laptop is MUCH more convenient than carting around a MacBook. Someone must have failed to mention to you that OS X is not prone to attack like windows?
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