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by sudhanvenkat

upgrade from my Netgear N300
I am trying to upgrade from my Netgear N300 (JWNR 2000 V2). I will have the router connected to my desktop and will have close to 3-4 mobiles phone & tablets, 1-2 Laptops and a SMART TV connected to the router. The router will typically be placed in the room distant from the hall which is the other side of the house (roughly about 5-7 meters away). Have shortlisted a couple of options WDR4300 (60$) / Archer C7 AC1750 (80$) / Linksys N900 (105$), which of these would provide a good range and...
Belkin WeMo Switch

by Bobzillagod

What a lame product idea
Sure the promise of home automation has been every geeks dream since the X10 days. But is this really convenient or a time saver? I want to turn on a light, dig out my phone (or find it), find the app, start the app, wait for the app to sync, press the button on the app. It would have been quicker just to get off you butt and turn on the light. Just like X10 the WeMO is going to be another "remember those silly things?", if anyone even remembers them.

by rakeshhocrox

Explore Google Street View With Virtual Reality Using a Cardboard Headset
Google Street view has just gotten better – now you have the option to with virtual reality. The most interesting thing is that all it takes is just a tiny piece of cardboard with a price tag of $10.
Acer Iconia W3

by DanCooper

How would you change Acer’s Iconia W3?
If you want to judge a gadget on its true strengths, stick several in a room full of Engadget editors and see which one they swarm around. For that alone, Acer’s Iconia W3 was a winner as soon as the eight-inch full-Windows tablet arrived in the office. When Dana Wollman was able to wrestle it away for a review, she found that there was much to love, including the reasonable price, free copy of Office and... Read more →
Dell Precision 390

by imrren

Can I update its graphics driver to 1 GB DDR3 Nvidia
I just want to upgrade my pc for gaming purpose and its built in graphics driver is not sufficient for this.. I need to upgrade this.

by dave

Fun games for the whole family?
With the holidays fast approaching, the wife and I are traveling down to Southern California to spend some time with the family. Sure, it's fun to catch up with long lost relatives and see how much my nephew has grown up, but I don't want to get stuck discussing politics with Grandpa all afternoon.
So, how do I keep sane? It's game time! Preferabbly games that involve the family (I've tried Cards Against Humanity with my parents --... Read more →

by dave

Sony Pictures cancels 'The Interview' after vague threats
After receiving some ambiguous threats from the people behind the hacking of Sony Pictures, and a number of national theater chains refusing to show their new movie, the studio has decided to pull the release of upcoming Seth Rogen and James Franco commedy, "The Interview."
I figure this is ripe for an interesting discussion since many of us here really enjoy both movies and... Read more →
Dell Inspiron 5100

by chuck12

connect to the internet using wireless.
Everytime I try to connect to the internet using wireless a pop up says windows can not connect. What do I have to do?
Fitness devices

by jpayne

water resistant
It says 5 ATM does that mean i can take it SCUBA diving with me? Id love to know my heart rate while on a dive especially at different depths