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HTC Smart

by thebestappgames

What do you want in your next Smartphone ???
Hey Guys!!! Lets discuss what do we want in our next Smartphone other than what is already there??? Lets see our Creativity..........

by JIdely6624

I want to start programming in Android
who can give me some recommendation to begin programming on android without knowing anything?

by SocialMusker

Growing Messaging Apps Industry
Hello Everyone, I am recently got tensed about for the mobile operators companies, in their future revenue!
You know that there are lot of Messaging Apps has been launched every month in an average from whole over the world like tango, WhatsApp voice call integration, imo, SnapChat, etc. and many much more.
Actually I want to know from this discussions that, how the mobile operators like Vodafone, airtel, Telenor etc. generates their profit in the near future apart from the aggressive growing of... Read more →
Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch (early 2015)

by Stumblies

Choose this rMBP or the new Air?
I need advice on which to choose. I have a 5 year old Windows laptop, so upgrading is certain. I want Apple, so the question for me is which.
My needs are basic, I'm a student and I like to watch movies, stream stuff, browse, but nothing out of the ordinary. I know this sounds like I should get the Air, but I'm also aware of the differences in terms of screen resolution, trackpad and power.
If I opt for the most-upgradable Air it will cost me the same as the entry level rMBP. In this case I... Read more →

by thebestappgames

Favourite NFS GAME?
Which is favourite Need for speed game and reason for that?
HTC One (M9)

by summer123

Feel obvious HTC M9 metal shell Reviews
Beautiful concept, but an all-metal feel super good, m8 red stand, stylish and life, hope m9 also have red, and the sound quality is very commendable, it is with a sense of stereo playing games, listening to music is also good, very good resolving power, Andrews cell phones should be considered the top of the year, out of so many music phones, but still among the best
Sennheiser CX 300 II

by sajidxk9

Wear and tear
Bought my pair in 2013. Love the sound quality is very good. i used it daily traveling buy train to work and back for 2 years. thrice/month use it for running in the park,

Cons- its starting to break in certain parts on the cord. Any help on how to fix it/DIY options welcome..
Phonak Audéo PFE 232 (Perfect Fit Earphones)

by tuhan2015

Understanding different laser pointer design features
With so many different laser pointer varieties and options to choose from today, knowing which model suits you best will depend on a number of different factors. Here we’ll look at some of the basic design features and what they mean for each user and each laser unit individually.
1. Keyswitch
This is pretty straight forward as certain lasers (be them high, medium, or low power) incorporate safety features like a keyswitch which will not allow the laser to be engaged without the proper key... Read more →
Apple iPhone 6

by prudd

Bent Iphone 6
We just purchased the IPHONE 6 a month ago and it is already bent, Apple says that it will not replace it due to it being "accidental damage". Beware of these phones, we had it in an otter box from the time of purchase and the phone still bent....

by thebestappgames

Websites which provides genuine apps reviews
Lets discuss the websites which provides genuine apps reviews to its users