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Sony Xperia Z Ultra

by DanCooper

How would you change Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra?
When Brad Molen described Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra as “the best phone you’ll probably never buy,” it was probably true of most Sony smartphones. The 6.44-inch device had a beautiful design, good build quality, had a fast engine and could withstand water, much like every other Sony smartphone you see. The downside to that, of course, is that it’s a Sony, and that seems to have been enough for buyers to... Read more →

by dave

Google Play Music now holds up to 50,000 songs!

Hah, this is pretty awesome! I have about 26,000 music files, so services like Amazon, iTunes Match, and Google Play were able to hold most of my collection, but not all of it. I'm going to look forward to having my entire collection backed up and accessible in the cloud.

Are you going to be taking advantage of this?

More info: http://www.engadget.com/2015/02/25/google-play-mus...

by DonGateley

Can't log in to comment
I can no longer log in with my Engadget credentials to make a comment on an article. It seems I must use a "social" account. Why?
Samsung Galaxy S5

by dave

Thinner phones or better battery life?
Apple, Samsung, Oppo and others have gone back and forth trying to claim the "World's Thinnest Phone" crown. It seems like every manufacturer has been on a relentless march making our mobile devices ever thinner.
Interestingly, thanks to technological advances in chips, battery life has remained fairly stable despite the shrinking phones (roughly 10 - 14 hours of heavy use, a few days on standby).
It definitely seems like some phones are getting too thin, and it's... Read more →
Samsung Galaxy Tab S

by creiij

Android tablet for student?
I might go back to school in the fall I I'm considering getting a Toshiba Chromebook 2 as my laptop and a Galaxy Tab S as a tablet. Now unless some better chromebook comes out the Toshiba seems to be the best "larger" chromebook yet.
The thing I'm wondering is if I should get the 10.5" or the 8.4" tablet? I'm thinking of getting the larger one since I like big screens but for doing student stuff, mostly reading and surfing is the smaller one better? As I understand the 10.5" one does not really...
Peek Pronto

by sidmac666

peek pronto service
would i be able to set up this devise with prepaid...i.e.bell, kudo....ect?

by Neerajch

Best Designed Reminder Apps for Android
Forgetting things has always been one of most common problem faced out by us “HUMANS”. We are always in some kind of rush which result in so many things left behind. We keep on forgetting things. We forget to drink,eat,sleep and much more in our daily life. The real problem arises when we forget to do some important tasks, which can be calling a friend, Sending text to our loved ones, sending out emails to your superiors, Business partners, Clients and much more.
We all need someone to manage... Read more →