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Microsoft Windows 8.1

by cgeisert

Who hates Windows 8.1 as much as I do???
If you loved WIndows 8.0 but hate the new 8.1, let us know. I miss the comma on the original type screen, the old games set up, now having to use the windows live id and more.
Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4)

by Met

Want to Play Destiny... Which Console to Buy?
I've never really been a PlayStation guy.. Went from SNES to N64 to Xbox to PC (and almost bought a 360 many times). Especially for an FPS, I think there is no better controller than the sexy Xbox controller.
I played the Destiny beta on the Xbox. I liked it there. I want to get it on the Xbox. However, I looked through the game library of the Xbox and there doesn't really seem to be many good games out. I'm not really an FPS kinda guy. I prefer action/adventure games along the lines of Ninja... Read more →

by archgon1234

Does anyone know .....Archgon ?
Hi, recently I am browsing through Amazon.ca and just found this new computer peripherals company called Archgon. Their main products are DVD/Blu-ray Drivers, HDD enclosures, power banks, etc.
Price are reasonable and quality is good. I am just wondering if anyone has past product experience with them. I need some suggestions !!
Bose SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker

by juliantaborda

power of portable speakers
how many watts of power has SoundLink speaker III ?
Lenovo Horizon 2

by Girlgbee

Computer Stand
  1. I'm looking for the computer stand that was showed in one of your video's for the Lenovo Horizon ll 27" monitor all-in-one 2014, I would like to know where I can purchase this stand because it shows my computer fitting on it. My computer will not fit on the Lenvo IdeaCentre Horizon HT600 Multimode Computer Table Silver SKU 1309768059. I did purchase this stand and I had to return it. Can someone please tell me if the stand shown in your video is available for purchase?, and if so, where can it...
Yobo FC Game Console

by fonzsolo

Yobo FC Power
Need to replace a power supply for my yobo FC and I need to know what voltage I need in the U.S.
Sony FDR-AX100

by Dilip5714

software to be use for editing video clips
can carol video editing software give 4k clips from FDR AX 100
Nokia 808 PureView

by frankspin

Has your phone replaced your camera?
It's that time of the year when we get all the latest bits on the camera industry: Photokina. Of course we're there and covering it [1]. I know it's still early but one thing I'm noticing is we're not getting a ton of announcements for point and shoot cameras. Sure, Canon has a fancy new rival with the RX 100. Panasonic followed up with the update the LX7. But these are higher end cameras commanding something in the $500-700 price range.
As our phones get more and more powerful, we're getting... Read more →
Nokia Lumia 930

by PJW1

Why is Microsoft so stupid?
I was seriously considering a Lumia 930 for my next smartphone. AT&T does not offer it in the US. No one seems to offer it in the US except unlocked and without warrantee. (Don't tell me about the Lumia Icon. This is not the 930 and I am not switching to Verizon.) So, I can buy a 930 for $526 (32 GB) and likely pay AT&T a fee for a SIMM card. Alternatively, I can "buy" an iPhone 6 for $340 (64 GB) for extending my AT&T relationship for two years.
Now consider that Microsoft is paying... Read more →
Apple iPod classic

by frankspin

Is the end of MP3 players nigh?
It finally happened: Apple has killed off the iPod Classic [1]. There have been hundreds of different MP3 players over the years, but I think it's safe to say the iPod was the category defining product. As Wired put it in their requiem to the iPod [2], "In all likelihood we’re not just seeing the death of the iPod Classic, but the death of the dedicated portable music player." Sure we have Pono and those... Read more →