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by TerziGames

Connections Quest - Looking for Puzzle Gamer Feedback
Hello all, I am a game developer from NYC who is currently working on a new puzzle/casual game with some mechanics I was hoping you might be interested in! To put it simply, Connections Quest is something of a cross between Candy Crush Saga and Connect the Dots. You are helping the main character move across an island chain by completing connect-the-dot-related puzzles – with each series of plays providing you pieces which you must place in ever shrinking slots on the game board. Once all... Read more →
Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4)

by mcrally

Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo
Great news for rally gamers! Milestone is at work on the new Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo.
They revealed some screenshot and the graphic looks very realistic. Great stages (Pikes Peak included) with different lighting and weather conditions.
I have reason to believe that the physics will be great too, since the world champ is at work with the developer team.
Cubieboard CubieBoard

by IntrepidChuck

Cubieboard company name change
When I originally submitted the Cubieboard to the database, they formed a company named Cubietech Limited, or Cubietech for short. The company name should be changed if possible to reflect this. Their website is here.

Thank you.
Consoles (home)

by IntrepidChuck

Audio Mixer with simultaneous payback
Upon setting up my Xbox One/computer/TV setup, I ran into an issue with audio. I want to be able to play sound from multiple sources simultaneously, and control the volume of each separately. Does a device exist that can accept multiple audio sources like digital optical, anolog RCA, or 3.5MM jacks? Also, support for at least two line out jacks would be sweet as well. I found this mixer as a reference to start.
viliv P1

by lourdrick

How do I unformat a viliv P1?
Good Day every one

hi every one i would like to ask about my viliv P1. last time my brother accidentally format my viliv P1 and all of content of this pmp was totally deleted. when i try to open it there's no content only the viliv logo appears. there's any one here could help me

by ayonson

how to track my HTC Sense that has been stolen
my HTC Sense has been stolen with a lot of information i need

by unrealmp3

Unable to comment: OpenID 2.0 for Google Accounts has gone away

Looks like you guys need to update your code, I'm unable to access my account using Google authentication.

by SmokeyTehBear

Mobile site doesn't have image article links
Why doesn't the mobile version of the site support article links in the images? On the desktop I right click (on the image) > open in new tab for all the articles I want to read first and then go back and read them all at once. I try to do the same on mobile, but get hung up because when I long press on an image > open in new tab, it opens up the image instead of the article itself (because that's the only option, and there is no link embedded). I end up having to go back and "carefully"... Read more →
Huawei Ascend Mate 2 4G

by steelman5263

great phone!
After hearing the so called experts talking about what the HAM2 doesn't do and how it doesn't compare with the big name phones with it specs, I have been pleased with the performance and side by side comparisons with friends phone. This phone holds its own well , and for the price with lollipop coming and EMUI 3.0 its a great buy, big screen, fast, 4G,

by Yazzman

What is the best way to protect your iPhone 6 (6+) screen?
I came across this glass screen protector and wanted to have your views on it.