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by dave

What are you doing with 3D printing?
3D printing is all the rage. The printers themselves are getting cheaper every week, there’s tons of resources for people to share and download designs, and it really seems like a technology that has the potential to change the way we create and manufacture new items.
I've seen a number of 3D printers on display at both gdgt and Engadget shows (and we even had a few churning out toys and keychains at Engadget... Read more →
Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4)

by cbakes

Why you should buy a ps4 over a X box
Unfortunately I bought an Xbox 1, however, I regret it now. Consequently I will tell you why I prefer having a PS4 rather than a Xbox. Initially, I should talk about the prices of the competitive consoles. Nowadays the PS4 outweigh 550 Dollars with a PS4 CD and an extra controller, in addition to this, the big online chatting headset. Even though the Xbox 1 is the same price as the PS4, it comes with only one CD. Obviously the PS4 explodes with a 1020 HQ on most of the games but the Xbox 1 has a... Read more →

by CatherineMiles

Anyone here know TickTick?
I have been using to-do list app for years and after my favorite Astrid being acquired by Yahoo, I started hunting for alternatives. Todoist once worked fine and Wunderlist is also not bad. But now, the one I settled with is TickTick. When doing some search in Google, I am surprised to find out that this to-do app is not so well-known. But it is really a good to-do app worth trying. Anybody here ever heard of this app?
Look forward to discussing with you guys about how you use to-do app to stay...
Samsung Galaxy Note 4

by o1dm0n

Carrier IQ on the Note4
Just an FYI - The AT&T and Verizon version of this device contain Carrier IQ. They also have locked bootloaders so that are unlikely to be cracked. I have one from AT&T and I'd advise against this device on this carrier. Buy a TMO version and move it over to AT&T of you really want one. They don't install Carrier IQ on theirs and the bootloader is unlockable on their version.
Acer Chromebook C720


An Excellent Value For Money Machine But Poor Display.
I have used this machine for a few weeks now. I must say that it is a great value for money Chromebook with an attractive price tag and decent specifications. I personally think that the poor display is a big let-down for this machine? If you have used it, or has seen it somewhere, do you agree ?

by frankspin

What services do you happily pay for?
I got the idea for this from Macdrifter (http://www.macdrifter.com/2014/11/the-annual-inte... Here is what the author said:
Every year around December, I assess my business arrangements with Internet subscription services. It's easy to forget about reoccurring expenses. I keep a spreadsheet of all subscriptions so the review is pretty easy. It's the maintenance and cutting the service that tends to be the hard part for me
Sure, it looks like a lot of money. That's... Read more →

by scar1

Time for a tablet?
I have a galaxy s4 currently and might get an s5 on black friday for free from best buy. I don't have an upgrade but off contract the s5 will be $199 and i can sell my s4 for $105 and use a $100 giftcard I have so the s5 will essentially be free (minus tax), then next fall i can get the s6 (hopefully for free as well) but this time ill have an upgrade. My question is, should i also get a tablet? The samsung tab s seems to be a good choice since ive been using galaxy phones for years. I go on... Read more →
Google Android 5.0 (Lollipop)

by vampyren

repy to emial notification broken?
I usually click on the reply link when someone replies to my comment which (if i'm lucky as this feature is shaky as best) should take me to my comment. Today when i clicked on this reply link, i get to this link and it asks me for username/password:
I tried the login/password i use on engadget but no luck. I never had to do this before so i'm not sure if this is suppose to happen?
Its pretty... Read more →

by 404pageerror

8pt EyeStrain
I have been reading Engadget nearly every day for years.

I guess I assumed that there has been enough comments about the readability of the articles that it would be obvious that the current font makes readability a serious issue and would be fixed(changed). On both my home and work machine the font is too thin to enjoy the articles without having to zoom and/or squint.

Leaving for now, I'll check back every now and then to see if things has changed but sadly I'll have to find a new daily reader.