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June 30th 2014 2:19 pm

Patriotic gadgets for patriotic Americans

For the rest of the world, this Friday might just be the start of another weekend, but in the United States it's the Fourth of July -- Independence Day! As in, that day where we celebrate the independence of our nation with parades, grilling hamburgers and "by blowing up a small part of it."


But showing love for your country doesn't just have to be about gluttony and explosives (as fun as those things are). For gadget heads, there are plenty of products out there to combine your loves of tech and America. Oh, sorry, "AMURRRRRRICA."

Since Independence Day celebrates the founding of our country, why not a flash drive featuring one of our founding fathers, George Washington?

Complete with jaunty tricorne hat and cherries in his pocket!

Of course, though he's not a founding father, there's also a flash drive for a different presidental fighter for freedom, Abraham Lincoln:

Or maybe you prefer your American presidents more modern and sleek?

Sorry Republicans, no Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush drive. But if you see any, you're always free to add it to our database here: www.engadget.com­/add/

Though more suited for days like Memorial Day and Veterans Day, we also tend to think about our armed forces and past military actions on Independence Day as well, and CTA Digital doesn't just have one product for the US Army, but a whole line of licensed gaming gear! www.engadget.com­/products­/cta­-digital/

Or perhaps you'd like to honor the 'Greatest Generation' with a game celebrating one of the most important naval battles of World War II?

And because why not, here's a Rambo game:

But wait, you say, does it have to be so violent or political? Can't we just think about freedom and liberty? Sure!

I think that's a symbol we can all get behind. With up to 16GB of storage!

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Also, continuing my love for all things USB-drive related. This is also relevant.

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I wonder if George Washington ever thought his likeness would be turned into a storage device for digital versions of paper files. Eh... probably not.
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Paper files is one thing. What if someone like Chelsea Manning used a drive like that for Wikileaks files. Or what if the drive contained scantily clad photos?

George Washington may have been even more upset in his grave.
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I never go anywhere without my F-16 USB STICK.

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Of course, this handy USB light and fan taped to an American flag turn every day into Independence Day.

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Got one of these lighters as a souvenir for my brother when I went to NY last year:
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