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November 5th 2011 12:34 am

PC vs. Mac

PC vs. Mac. Which do you prefer? Why? Is one better for some people than it is for others? Windows vs. OSX? No brand bashing; just facts and opinions.

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To be honest, I use what I'm used to because I just want to get things done.

I could switch, but why bother? 95% of my time on the desktop these days is spent in the browser anyway :)
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Ain't that the truth.
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Hardware wise? I'd have to go with a Mac. I've never seen PC hardware as solid as the MacBook Pro I have and the trackpad is the best I've ever used. On the PC side, I think ThinkPads have the best quality hardware and they look decent, but still not up to par with Apple's laptops. Every other PC out there is usually made out of glossy plastic that bends and gives as you handle it.

OS wise, I really could use anything. From what I've seen, there's pluses and minus to each OS, but most of the tasks I need to accomplish can be done with any of them.
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When it comes to hardware, both in terms of the build quality and the internals, I would say Macs are better for 90% of people, if not more. They're also, obviously, more expensive, and that's a tradeoff people have to make a decision on for themselves.

As for software, I'm a daily user of both Lion and Windows 7 (in fact, I think I use Win7 more often since that's my work computer), and although 7 is by far the best version of Windows I've used in years, it still feels years behind. Even on a high-powered computer, UI animations are clunky and applications seem to lag or hang (or crash) way more often than on OS X. Security popups are totally obnoxious, and the size and depth of the Windows control panel makes even me, a long-time computer- and Windows-user, shudder. The configurability of every detail of every aspect of the OS is nice to have in Windows because you frequently need access to it to fix some problem or behavior, but OS X has taught me that a computer really can just work and it makes using Windows feel like a huge frustration.
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Like Cass, I do believe that Macs have superior build quality - one of the best reasons for buying one. In terms of hardware choices, I find Macs particularly lacking - not too much customization able to be done. That said, because I prefer the overall hardware quality of the Mac, I use a Mac laptop, but because I prefer the greater configurability (and sometimes power - the only Mac that doesn't use a mobile graphics chip is the overly expensive Mac Pro) of PCs, I have a custom desktop.

I think they both have their strengths, weaknesses, and merits. It really depends on the task as to which is better.
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for me both.
hardware wise all my machines are Macs. but i either have them boot camped or running win 7 virtually. The reason for the Mac hardware is because it has a better resell value than just any PC hardware that is out there.

The reason i run both is because software is to expensive. i already have the adobe suite for MAC i am not going to buy it again for the PC. for the PC side i have the full office sure including Visio, and other PC software that won't run on a Mac or its Mac counter parts i just don't like so for them i run win 7.

Win 7 run great on my iMac and Air with no problems i have all the software i need when i need it and have the benefits of both the Mac and the PC.

i know this is not an ideal implementation for most but to be honest it works for me :)

so to answer your questions both.
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Laptop wise, I think Macbooks have better build quality (compared to the cheap, plasticky, flexible majority of Windows laptops). The exception in my opinion is ThinkPads, which are extremely durable and reliable. I love mine to death, it gets tossed around in my bag, pushed, bumped, punched (long story), etc. everyday and brushes it off like nothing happened.

Desktop wise, I think it's pretty equal. iMacs and Mac Pros are built pretty strong, but custom built desktop PCs and pre-configured desktop PCs are quite solid as well.

Software wise, I find Windows easier to use and MUCH more customizable, but I think that's also because it's more familiar to me. OSX looks great, but I don't particularly like the menu bar at the top (or at least the way it works, that is). Windows is also MUCH more expensive and has multiple versions (Starter, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise), whereas Mac has one, so that's a plus for Mac.

I think in the end though it really depends on the needs of and the type of person.
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Although Macs are less susceptible to errors and OSX compatibility issues, it comes with the inevitable drawback of producing more closed products with limited hardware customization.
I prefer Windows because its what I have grown up with and will work almost always on a custom built pc. I've never tried OSX simply because I never owned a Mac nor do I plan on building a Hackintosh.
Edit: I should add I have no proof that Macs have less errors, just what I've heard.
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PC to be honest. As a college student, and growing up in the lower middle class, I'm used to cost being a major factor in terms of anything, and a PC is something I can afford. I'm still proud of the little Gateway I have, costing me less than 500 bucks with a Core 2 Quad 8200 chip, it's plenty for all of my needs, plus an added graphics card makes it play the games I have just fine.

If anything, after getting more exposure to Macs since starting at my current college, I can see why people like them, but I simply can't comprehend window management on them, as well as the cost of the hardware, though I could almost be convinced into Macbook Air.
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we have both my PC I built myself and has far fewer "issues" than my GFs 17" Mac Book Pro btw Macs are PCs PC means personal computer so how bout a windows vs Linux vs Mac OSX topic especially now adays you can run a OSX.6 on PC parts as a hackintosh its really about the OS and Lion kinda screwed the pooch in several key areas as did iOS5 (kiss your battery goodbye) hell even Ubuntu screwed a bunch of folks us included with the latest updates and windows 8? My Gawd what is Redmond thinking?
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to me i tend to encounter less error and problems on a OS X as compared to windows. i switch to mac 3 mths ago and i have not had alot of problems. but i do have to say software wise most software and games do come for windows more then mac.....
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you can always get a virtualization, and there is free software that can be downloaded that works well for virtualization called wine
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Mac computer + Windows = Win Win.

You can't beat Macs for build quality, and the OS is very optimized for the hardware
  • My Acer Laptop scored higher in GeekBench in Mac OS X than in Windows. Seriously.

You can't beat Windows for compatibility and openness. It's great everywhere, enterprise, home, etc. I have the perfect solution for anyone looking for the best of every world:
With this idea you can have everything, all of the main Desktop OS's: Mac OS X, Windows 7/8 (8 for my setup), and Linux. You also get all the tablet OS's: iOS, Windows 8, and Android. Here's my idea, in bullet point/number form:
  1. Buy a brand new mid-to-top spec Apple iMac.
  2. Buy an iPad (2 or 3, I am MOST DEFINITELY waiting for the 3, can't wait)
  3. Once you get it, you have a few options, here's what I'd do:
  • Install Windows 8 in Boot Camp, install all drivers and install LogMeIn.
  • Install LogMeIn on Mac OS X
  • Setup Virtual Machines in VirtualBox for Ubuntu Linux and Android (or get the Android SDK)
  • On the iPad get the LogMeIn free edition. Register your Mac and Windows installations.
  • Once done, connect to WiFi and use Mac OS X, Linux, and Android, or reboot to Boot Camp and Use Windows 8 in a tablet interface (it's much more satisfying).
These are just my thoughts and ideas, this is what I'm going to do, best part is I can use my "MacPad 8" from wherever I am with WiFi! I'm very excited. Hope this helps some body who's on the "what should I do" fence. :D
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I use both as most of my stuff is in the cloud, all I need is a browser. I do like to game sometimes so a PC is almost necessary. But I like them both and am not loyal to either platform.
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I use both. My main machine is an iMac, but I have more Windows PCs scattered around to do other things like gaming, HTPC, etc. Being a gadget geek, there are times where a support for certain devices are a lot better on Windows than Macs (eg. to update firmware, etc).
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its almost 50% 50%.
faster loading
less viruses
doesn't ever get as slow as PC after a few months
Cheaper OS if you already own a MAC

more apps
faster when there are more apps
easier to upgrade the system
more choices
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i prefer macs because you can always bootcamp if you want windows
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faster when there are more apps

I'm not sure what you're referring to here. I've never known PCs to outperform Macs (of comparable specs) regardless of how many apps are open.
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I just did a bit of research and I guess I'll have to agree with you. When I wrote that, I was just stating from personal experience that my macbook pro seems to be slower when i have big applications open such as logic pro, final cut pro, etc. than my hp laptop running programs of similar size.
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Windows vs. MacOS?
Nowadays, for more than 90% of users, there is no difference. The workflow for them is - switch on computer - start web browser - do stuff in web browser.

But one advantage to Windows is games.

PC vs MAC?
PCs are generally cheaper
You have more choice
At the higher end Macs get really expensive.

I like the imac (whereas the all-in-monitor PCs generally look ugly)
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like i've posted before, security is one big issue with a windows platform due to its vulnerability and the fact that, once "breached" it will become noticeably slower. Not a problem often seen on a mac.
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Ask at least how many times crashes and then do the math
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not much different as far as hardware goes, windows vs. mac os is the real debate. I cant see paying twice the price for a mac just to run os if you want ti that bad install a hackintosh or a mac theme
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I don't know how you can say that there's 'not much different' in terms of hardware. I would say there as different as could be. MacBooks have better aesthetic and build quality than any Windows laptop I've ever seen. Windows laptops look and feel like "budget" products, and that's a tradeoff people are willing to make, but you can't just say that the hardware is the same.
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@connorg i can understand where the hardware is coming from due to the fact that, it has an intel motherboard and chipset. Also, @pachm, security is ONE big issue that PCs come nowhere near Macs. There are virtually no security risks on a mac, and even if there were, would be patched almost as soon as it was found.
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Switching from XP to Snow Leopard, the only thing I miss is window management and games. Hardware-wise, Macs are better built, and you have to pay for that.
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The very first thing is only those people should answer it who have used both mac & pc for ample of time !! For me, i'd go for mac anytime ! [i have used pc also] without a doubt. In mac the simplicity, the UI, the various app, the comfort, the design, no virus threat or system hangs ..... features list goes on. whereas after using a mac working on a pc is horrifying for me & another thing is windows copies mac shamelessly, the dock is the best example of it.
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I have used both for years and like both. You seem a bit biased, but I will humour you.

No virus or system Threat - Windows has a lot more viruses. I agree. Have you read the news lately? www.bgr.com­/2012­/05­/14­/os­-x­-malware­-apple­-security...

windows copies mac shamelessly - The dock isn't a good example. Windows 8 (which your other post tries to put down) has nothing like the dock. Can you provide a source?

Is using a pc really horrifying for you? That sounds like a drama queen sort of response.
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