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February 8th 2013 10:22 pm

Pebble and Spotify on Android

As a Pebble backer, I was disappointed to find out that Spotify's Android app couldn't be controlled by Pebble.

Luckily the wonderful and talented Hexxeh, of Chrome OS hacking fame, is to the rescue.


I can't try it yet because my Pebble hasn't shipped, but hopefully it will work for you lucky few who have yours.

P.S. If you care about Pebble working with Spotify you can take action here: community.spotify.com­/t5­/Spotify­-Ideas­/Add­-support...

As far as I can tell the issue is not on the Pebble team's side.

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I wonder if it can control rdio...
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Since I originally posted this support has been added for other music apps through the Pebble app. You can select your preferred app under Settings, then Preferred Music App.

I got it to control Spotify, and I'm sure your music app of choice will also work.
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