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May 25th 2012 4:01 pm

Pebble Smartwatch

After selling out the kickstarter campaign and make big waves doing so the company is now taking pre-orders on this website:


Go ahead and click on the pre-order button, they say right on the website:
"Your Pebble watch will ship in early 2013. We will not charge your credit card until your watch is ready to ship (and we'll contact you by email first to confirm)."

Shipping early next year?! Wow this company is full of idiots! 6 month lead time on a watch? Talk about bad management!
On the Kickstarter page a 6 month lead time makes sense. They have no idea how receptive people will be. I get that they have never made anything in the past and don't know how to talk to Asian contractors to get the production going. Oh wait these guys have done business with RIM before? WTF? I'm pretty sure I could get the drawings for this part, and have 2 dozen manufacturers tripping over themselves to produce it in less than a month. There's nothing new about the parts themselves, just how it all comes together. (Think, new iPhone needs new CPU chip, not the case with Pebble.)

6 month lead time is ridiculous because this is not any kind of revolutionary watch. It's a simple connected watch with expandability built in with apps on the horizon. Don't they realize that other companies who love to innovate (aka copy and improve upon, the foundation of business progress) like Samsung, Apple, HTC will create better connected watches and get them on Amazon.com, Best Buy, Radioshack, etc. in time for the holidays?

The connected, or smart watch category is very new and refreshing. Motorola has already begun to make their play. Sony has a watch that looks great on the surface. These Pebble guys need to get their product out to the customer asap. Strike while the iron is hot, cuz in the early adopter phase, it's red hot.

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Why the hate? I think it is smart to put up a page for potential buyers. As a kickstarter project they are already out there with the product even though they have not shipped anything. Many people still want a pebble and the page is a good way to keep in touch. If you want to do your own design and customize some parts then I don't think the time frame is outrageous - I consider it ambitious maybe. I would think a small upstart has to deal with longer leadtimes when it comes to tooling and manufacturing. Sony, Samsung, Apple probably have so much power and money that any supplier is anxious to please and turn around any requests and changes in a short timeframe - maybe they do it inhouse. If you have to get in line as a small player, these times will add up quickly.

I have no clue how electronics development in China works and how long it takes to write software for it. I know a tiny bit about getting plastic components that are made from tools and in my experience, 4 month is a reasonable timeframe to have a finished piece and to start assembly with it.

Just my two cents.
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I'm not sure I like Pebble's idea of the "forced upgrade" to BT4 - I'm not always going to have the latest iGadget or Android, won't this limit my options?
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FYI there's a similar Kickstarter going on for the Cookoo watch, similar idea, maybe a little more low-key, but cheaper at $80:
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You do realize that cookoo is 16 mm thick. That is way big. Plus it doesn't do half the things that the peddle hopefully will do.
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Wow that Cookoo watch is ugly.

Has some quality features though: Bluetooth 4.0, 1 year battery, water resistant, ignore button, find your phone, checking in, low phone battery

And some obvious missing features: doesn't allow you to read messages on watch, can't control music, have to be looking at your watch to see alerts, can't change the face, no versatility

It's probably a good thing that it looks like any ugly watch so you don't stick out too much. I really like the check in feature because it seems so simple. This device definitely has a space in the connected watch category, but it's still ugly.
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Personally, I like the CooKoo better, but I can't order one because my Photon doesn't support that new Bluetooth profile. :(
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Man I didn't even realize it was BT 4. I was going back and forth about getting one but my phone is only 2.1.
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