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July 2nd 2009 9:57 pm


Those of you who own or have played with the phone: what do you think of the performance of the phone? How does it compare to an iPhone or iPod Touch? How about a G1?

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I absolutely love the HTC Magic because of the Android OS. The integration of Gmail and Gtalk is amazing. You can multitask without having to turn either app off. Friends on Gtalk can't tell if I'm chatting from a phone or computer. Gmail, Gtalk, and various apps also send notifications to the phone so you never miss an IM or Email.

The iPhone/iPod Touch OS is simple and very nice, but you usually can only run one app at a time.

If you like to multi-task or enjoy using Google software, I'd get a phone that runs Android. The Android Marketplace lacks apps, but there are many in development now.

If you're a designer or gamer, I'd get an iPhone. The UI of iPhone Apps are much more elegant, plus the acellometer makes gaming a lot of fun.

I'm currently using the HTC Magic as my main phone and iPod Touch for my gaming/music/iPhone-app-reviewing device. :)
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Thanks for your input. I am planning on getting one of these for my phone/mobile internet needs. My iPod Touch will still be my multimedia hub but I want a new phone and this one seems to be it. Can't wait for it to be released in a couple weeks.

I will have to set my designer self off to the side sometimes with Android (I'm an architecture student and web dev) but for the most part it seems like it would be great.
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haha that's exactly what I'm planning on doing: getting the MyTouch for my phone and for the lovely, customizable UI and reasonable selection of apps, and then getting an iTouch for the games and massive loads of apps. I'll wait on the Iphone a few more versions untill they get a 4G version with an even stronger UI and perhaps a full on gaming platform.
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I was looking into either a Pre or an Android device when my Sprint Contract went up in August. If it was not for Sprint's "Simply Everything" plans a Pre would be my first choice. I'm not a huge phone user so having unlimited talk is a waste for me, but I could use a phone that makes good use of the data plan. I think I can drive the bill down to $55 instead of $70 with Sprint.

Personally, I was wondering if the HTC Magic/My Touch is really a worthy upgrade from the HTC Dream/G1. The introduction of th My Touch would likely drive the price of the G1 down but if there's a big performance difference, would the $200 with contract price be worth it?
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I personally love the Magic a lot more than the Dream. The hardware/keyboard on the Dream just didn't feel right. With the Android OS upgrade, the keyboard isn't needed anymore either. I don't know if it's worth $200 for the upgrade.. but I do prefer the Magic over the Dream.
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There is a big misconception about what the HTC Magic is. It is not a replacement or upgrade to the G1, but rather a touchscreen only model. The only benefit is that it has more storage for Applications (which is a big deal for some).

The US versions (Google Ion/T-Mobile MyTouch) will only have 192mb of RAM, just like the G1. There is a few models out there that have 288mb RAM, but definitely not in the United States.

So don't think of it an upgrade, but just an alternative form factor.
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I have the Magic on Rogers (Canada) and it has 288mb of RAM. So far, it has been amazing. The community and hackability is great. I actually have a version of the Hero ROM (with the Sense UI) running on it now. Its amazing! Highly recommended. Also, Rogers uses the same bands as AT&T so it could conceivably be unlocked and imported...
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Where did you pick up the Hero ROM? Torrents? I'm interested to see if the Hero really does end up on AT&T. It has the same specs as the Magic though and the magic looks to be just a bit smaller so I'll probably go with it for the "pocketability" factor.
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The performance is identical to the G1 if you have a Vodaphone, T-Mobile, or Google Ion branded version. Some regions have a direct-from-HTC version with more RAM, but most of the world has identical specs to the G1, with the pleasant exception of having double the internal storage for applications. Because part of that internal storage is used by the system, this amounts to having 4 or 5 times more space available after a clean format.
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