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July 2nd 2009 2:39 am

Pictures of moded g1


Flashed the ROM with:
JFV1.51 CRB43 ADP from jf.andblogs.net­/2009­/05­/24­/jfv151­-images­-are­-out/
and HTC skin from forum.xda­-developers.com­/showthread.php­?t­=520629

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heheh trolling on the first day of the website?

First, I flashed and rooted it before the hero was leaked, and as far as I know the Hero ROM is not running 100% yet, I don't want to have a crashing phone if its the one I use for business. Maybe if I have a chance to buy a 2nd just to toy with it.

Thanks for your feedback anyway
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Hero is working quite well now. Also, that is just a theme which is easy to apply for all roms (except for hero of course)
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