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May 10th 2010 11:45 am

Pixel Junk Monsters - Go buy it!!!!!!!!


I'll keep this short and sweet.... Go buy Pixel Junk Monsters right now, grab/buy a second DualShock 3 for your friend/significant other, and sit back and enjoy the good times!!

P.S. its a super addictive tower defense game with 1080p hand-drawn 2D visuals!!!

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yeah i got this game about a year ago... i love it.
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I'm late to the party for sure - and much thanks go out to Sony for their Spring Sale... I was able to nab this game and Everyday Shooter for $5 each! Both great games...

I'm really looking forward to beating this one and getting the Encore expansion for even more good times....
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Kind of reminds me of lets go tower defense on live, I do wish there were some really good tower defense games out but it is a very casual genre.
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I remember reading about that game a while back. That was before I had really played any tower defense games and way before my gf became obsessed with them. I just might check it out though because we're both huge South Park fans and have actually been on a SP kick lately anyway! We've been watching a ton of it lately and playing tower defense games so this just might be the perfect mix of the two! Thanks!

I know these are $10 games and are casual, but in the long term you still may play them more since you can just throw them on quickly and play several short levels in a short time... there's minimal loading and they really lend themselves to repeated playing... I'm becoming addicted to these games...
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Yeah its fun a lot of skill is needed though and it can be hard to beat buy yourself. You almost need two people playing since there is so much chaos going on. But it is fun and is very close to the series. If I remember correctly it has some pretty good jokes in it to.
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