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June 12th 2013 11:32 pm

Playstation 4 Accessories

Playstation Eye
Will not be included in the box. It will be a separate accessory costing $59.99 in the US. I wish it was included so that it would be easier for developers to implement features. Previous Move Controllers and Navigation units are compatible with the new Eye.

Will be bundled in for communication. Mono earbud, with inline mic. Any 1/8" headset should work though.

Dualshock 4
Extra controllers will be $59.99. (Damn the redesign looks great)

Charging Station
Sony announced a dedicated stand/cradle for controllers. No price announced.

Blu-Ray/Media Remote
No announcement yet. I really like the PS3 Blu-Ray Remote. There's no reason it should not be compatible with the PS4 (see Move compatibility above). But like a sucker, I'd buy a new one.

What else are you looking for in accessories. Either official, or from third parties?

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