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June 4th 2012 10:17 pm

PlayStation Suite becomes PlayStation Mobile and heads to HTC devices

During tonight's Sony press conference, they announced that PlayStation Suite, which allows downloading of PlayStation games and other content to mobile devices, would be a) renamed to PlayStation Mobile and b) would be coming to HTC devices. Currently it's only available on Sony Mobile phones and the PlayStation Vita.

This definitely is indicative of a shift from PlayStation as a hardware brand to more of a content brand, and it's similar to how Xbox Live is also available on Windows Phone, as well as Nintendo's recent announcements that the Wii U would connect to your phones and tablets (though not as a full-on gaming experience in their particular case).

I think this is a step in the right direction; earlier tonight I was discussing how nice it would be to be able to start a game on one machine and continue it on another, a feature the PS3/Vita has that I'd like to see elsewhere, and that Xbox SmartGlass looks to do with video. Putting the PlayStation Mobile platform on more devices is only the first step.

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HTC having PlayStation games is pretty amazing news though I'm sure homebrew users already have PlayStation games on their non-Sony (or Sony-Ericsson) devices. It still is nice to see that a user doesn't necessarily have to force an app or game they like to play with their device.
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