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October 26th 2013 6:24 am

Portability of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Does anyone have some suggestions regarding how to carry the Note 3 so that the dimensions are not too much of an issue (guys especially, as we usually carry it in our pockets.)

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So I used the original Galaxy Note for a short period, and here are some tips that I can lend from my experience:

1. The looser the jeans, the better the fit in the front pocket. Dress pants seemed to fit the phone better.
2. Inner jacket pockets or hoodie pockets are your best friend. They usually are roomy enough and its unlikely to put pressure on your phone.
3. Don't use shirt breast pockets. They kinda look tacky and it will be easy for your phone to fall out of.
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@TgD, thats right.
Get a good cover, like S View Cover and keep in your Jacket Pocket.
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If you are serious enough about the phone, just join the cargo pants crowd. :) I find decent looking cargos that I get away with wearing at work at Target or Kohl's.
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I forgot to mention that you should consider an Otter Box Commuter series a must buy for the Note series as the large screen makes for easy breaking. When I first got my Note II, I bought the hard shell from Verizon and the LCD beneath the glass cracked the first time I dropped it. I put the Otter Box Commuter on the replacement and it has survived several falls with no problems. This makes it even bulkier, though. I use an LG Tone headset with it, though, so I am able to answer calls and play/pause my music and podcasts without having to take it out of my cargo pocket. This is much preferable to holding this large slab up to the side of my head.
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Thank you. Both ideas sound great.
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Honestly, my friend just bought the Note 3 two weeks ago and coming from a guy whos currently using the Droid Razr Maxx (1st gen) I have seen no problems putting it in my pocket and holding it in my hand. I don't have very big hands. You can say I'm in the middle but the phone just feels so natural in your hand for some reason. I expected it to be too big but I was pleasantly surprised.

My only advice is if you wear tight or slim fit jeans, maybe switch to relaxed fit. I mean its sort of ridiculous to change your wardrobe for a phone so maybe just buy a cover for it and act like its a mini tablet that you carry around all the time and put in the small pocket of your briefcase/bookbag.
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Well I'm in my 50s, so I look ridiculous in tight jeans anyway! Thanks for your help.
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i usually have mine in my Jacket pocket or even in the pocket of my jeans.

I ended up getting the case with a window from samsung and it works great for me.
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Thanks. I will check out the Samsung case.
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