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July 19th 2009 9:46 pm


Who here pre-ordered this thing?
(i did)

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I have, though been thinking of canceling.
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Me too. Although, naw (see what I did there?), I'm not sure you can really list this as a gadget you have yet...
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Yeah, why do you already claim to "have it"? I preordered in February.
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I Have =)
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I did! And I wouldn't ever cancel, I'd wait longer than I did for Duke Nukem Forever if I had to! Although, I really wouldn't mind getting it this year instead...>.>
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Haha, posted this over 3 years ago, still don't have it yet. But it's cool, I'm still waiting patiently. :D
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I haven't preordered, I'm waiting to see what games, apps etc become available. I take it this device will be all community driven? So we'll see a bunch of those tux linux games?

Nothing like the psp or DS or even iPhone games. I like the idea but I just dont see any big developers creating games for this, there is too much competition with the previously mentioned devices.

Are there even any decent games that are developed open source or community driven? I'm talking full 3D action games, not solitaire or pong remakes.

Like I say I like the idea but it's taking forever to come out and open source gaming doesnt really have anything to offer right now.
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Don't be so jaded about open source. Quake 3 is open source, and is already running full speed on the Pandora. There is a good deal of once-commercial software that is now open source.
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Actually this is a portable gaming platform designed to run both homebrew and commercial games. It already supports a lot of emulators. Here is a quote from Pandora information boards :
"Emulators that COULD work well on Pandora: (full speed emulation, full sound, rare frame skipping)

8bit consoles, computers and other platforms including (but not limited to):

Adventure Vision
Atari 2600/7800 [zx-81] [Tinnus->Little John]
Colecovision [zx-81]
Fairchild Channel F
Gameboy & Gameboy Color [Tinnus->Little John]
Intellivision [zx-81]
NES/Famicom/FDS [Tinnus->Little John]
Sega Master System & Game Gear [Tinnus->Little John]
Sega SG-1000 (pre-SMS console in Japan)
Vectrex [SDW->Vecx]

Amstrad [zx-81]
Apple II
Apple IIGS
Atari 800/XL/XE/5200 [zx-81]
BBC Micro (possible zx-81 port, not confirmed)
Commodore 64 [Gnostic - see here]
Commodore PET
Commodore Plus/4 [zx-81]
Commodore VIC-20
Dragon 32/64
MSX [zx-81]
Oric 1
Sam Coupé [zx-81]
Sinclair QL
Sinclair Spectrum [Dio/Firefox->EMU]
Sinclair ZX-80/81 [zx-81]
Tandy Color Computer (CoCo) [zx-81]
Tandy TRS-80
Thompson TO7-70 [zx-81]

Arcade games from the 70's and 80's [Zodttd->MAME4ALL port]
+ various other systems from that era

16bit consoles, computers and other platforms including (but not limited to):

Amiga CD32
Atari Lynx
Genesis/Megadrive/SegaCD [Tinnus->Little John] [Notaz->Picodrive]
NeoGeo AES/MVS [Squidge->Finalburn Alpha] [Pepone->GnGeo]
NeoGeo CD
NeoGeo Pocket/Color [Tinnus->Little John]
Philips CDI
SNES [Squidge ->PandaSNES, see here] [Tinnus->Little John]
Turbografx-16/PC-Engine/CD-ROM (technically an 8bit system but eh...) [Exophase->Temper port]
Wonderswan/Color [Tinnus->Little John]

286 DOS PC (& 386) [DJWillis->SCUMMVM] [Zodttd->DOSbox] [Pickle->DOSbox see here]
Amiga [Notaz] [Gnostic]
Atari ST [Skeezix]
MacIntosh (early models i.e. 68000 based)
TI 99/4A [zx-81]
X68000 (Japanese computer with arcade quality graphics)

Arcade games from late 80's - 90's (i.e. M68000 based hardware etc.) [Squidge->Finalburn Alpha port] [Zodttd->MAME4ALL port]
TI-92 Calculator [zx-81]

32bit consoles, computers and other platforms including (but not limited to):

Atari Jaguar [Firefox - see here]
Gameboy Advance [Exophase]
Playstation [ZodTTD & Tinnus *LINK*]
Virtual Boy

386 DOS PC (& 286) [DJWillis->SCUMMVM] [Zodttd->DOSbox]

Arcade games (i.e. PSX based hardware) [MAME - not sure these would run at good speeds on Pandora though)]" (source: www.gp32x.com­/board­/index.php­?showtopic­=41897 )

Couple that with native Linux games (including Quake, and Quake 2 ports) and Linux productivity software (like Office and Desktop version of firefox) and it seems like quite an interesting portable system.

Also, please check the Pandora Video Vault to see what runs (and how) it is a good resource. www.kultpower.de­/pandoravideos/
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There are new original games being developed, such as Pandora Panic, and TINCS(global condition). Just look on the gp32x forums!
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I have pre-ordered, but won't put it on the "have" list until it's in hand.
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