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Pretty sure wearing one of these would make my morning bike commute look pretty exciting.

Nothing like a fisheye view of a hectic bicyclist riding through the streets of San Francisco (I did get called an asshole today by a pedestrian -- what?!). Heck, this would probably make meetings in a conference room look pretty exciting!

I kind of love these helmet cams though. They provide a unique perspective of various outdoor activities.

Random video example from YouTube: www.youtube.com­/watch­?v­=F8­-wwy2mQZU

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There are times that I wish a remote turret with a.50 was an option on my car. Hipster asshole cyclists with their damned fixies loitering around in town, entitled asshole roadies outside of town, clueless asshole hybrid riders in town.... arrrrrgh
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Hah. I think we can all agree that hipster asshole cyclists who ride fixies are a detriment to humanity.
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