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June 27th 2012 10:03 am

Price drop prediction?

As eager as I am to own this handset, I'm pretty leery about the $699 price tag. While I'm sure the camera tech is worth it, it's still a decent hit on the pocket book. I bought my N8 about a year after its debut. At that time, it had dropped from $549 (as gdgt has it listed) to $399. Waiting a year for $150 isn't something I'm necessarily inclined to do at this point. So what I'm wondering if is the general thought is that because this is such an enthusiast product, will the price drop quicker than the N8 or slower? I'd love to buy this five months from now at $200 less, but I'm not convinced that will happen. What say you, gdgt community?

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I think it will be slower. I think it is a niche device that will keep its value for a while. Think Porche Design P9981, Veru, or Motorola Aura

Although there have been drops, it has taken a while. The camera tech alone will be enough to keep its price higher for longer because there is no alternative to it at this point.
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I feel like you're right. I've pretty much resolved myself to shelling out the $699. It's just so hard to do when the NEX-5n is only $599...

But then this is something I'd always have on me. That's not possible with the 5n, nor is the 5n constantly connected to the internet. And given I already have a NEX-3, I guess it's a ridiculously expensive no-brainer (at least in my caffeine addled brain!)
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I think Amazon might run out before the price drops much. Since this is such a niche device, I doubt the 808 will be made in large numbers.
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