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November 18th 2013 9:46 pm

Product Search borked

Hey @Dave, @Ryan, and team,

Congrats on the big merging of sites, gdgt with Engadget!
Quick bug report, tried searching on the Product Reviews in the search box just above the categories but the search result redirects to the engadget.com start page.

Haven't found any other issues yet, great job with the integration!
Nice to have previous conversations, posts, and gadget db and lists pulled into engadget.


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Not all products are appearing correctly either. For example if you look in Tablets or Tablets > iPad you won't find anything older than last years model. But if you search for it then it appears.

This is the same with the original model Playstation 3 not appearing on Consoles (Home) and in the Sony subsection of that category.

Another thing Ive noticed is going from your account or the 'Reviews' area back to the news section the top irhgt of the page seems to lose 'sight' of the fact that Im logged in. Moving back to the Reviews or Forums shows the login status. (Im at work so Im in Private Browsing mode of Chrome).
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So I looked into this a bit, and I see the issue you're having. That page you're landing on is our product finder and by default it only displays products that we currently have marked as being "Available". If you scroll down to left menu nav you'll see the option to show "Discontinued" products. Checking that off will display products that we have marked as no longer available for sale: d.pr­/i­/QeDW

I understand that this may not make sense, but some of these tools were built as a way to help people shop for the latest and best gadgets out there. By having that filter enabled by default it ensures users will be seeing gadgets that are currently still being sold on shelves.
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Man, looking back at my original comment I realize I seem quite critical. Overall I think the new design is very pretty (I'd also be interested to see a bright blue bar instead of grey with the logo in white) and the integration is really great. I think these features could work really well on some of the sister sites too (specifically Joystiq which is practically begging for this kind on community features).
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Didn't think you were being critical at all, we appreciate the feedback!

Glad you're liking the new design!
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I guess the disparity is not helped by the fact that Engadget is primarily US focused . Whilst Engadget features content from and for Europe (the recent UK competitions are appreciated!).
Has the product tracking been considered for more regions? I guess this is a question of how many non-US users are part of the community and whether this can be done in a way to avoid fragmentation.
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"Has the product tracking been considered for more regions?" -- Absolutely this has and it's probably one of the most requested features to have added to the site.
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Hey, thanks for letting us know! I'll pass this along to developers so they can take a look at it!
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