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July 4th 2010 1:32 am

PS3 App store someday, maybe?

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PS3 is a very powerful machine with its cell processor. It is really a shame Sony seems not care much about the multimedia implementation on the console. A Boxee or Media extender style app on the PS3 would be ideal and make PS3 a home media center. The upcoming Hulu integration is great news for PS3, but it requires Playstation Plus and Hulu Plus. Guess it just have to be that way... Hope Sony will be putting more focus on the media center side of the PS3, but that is probably not likely to happen...
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I concur, the thing I find most weird about the PS3 is the poor media performance given that part of its initial focus was media. Part of the launch day high cost of the device was that it had to have blueray in a successful effort to kill HD DVD.

It still seems to fall short on simple things, like queuing multiple audio tracks from a upnpav server. I have to keep checking that I haven’t screwed up, because it seems like such an obvious thing to do and yet you can't.
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It's true it already kind of exists... although it dose boggle the mind a bit that MLB.com can have downloadable streaming app that works great but netflix still need a disk.
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It's quite possible. There are already a few apps available like Vidzone, SingStar Viewer, PlayTV Photo Gallery, Life with PlayStation(Folding@Home) and soon Netflix and Hulu. There are also 'web apps' specifically designed to work with the PS3's browser. If they could open up the system a bit more, I could see potential for an app ecosystem.
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Um.. it exists already. The playstation store an 'App store' It lets you purchase and download apps (mostly games) for your PS3.

Sure there isn't much in the way of catagories, and the approval process is a pain. But it's there.
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