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September 29th 2009 12:03 am

PS3 game zones

After the price cut I bought a new PS3 slim and noticed that there is a zoning for games. It states my zone for games is zone 4 and the game I got (little big planet) with the console also had a zone of 4. There isn't much out there about the zoning for PS3 games in the internet and all those state there is no zoning for games. So my question is has there always been zoning for games, and if so which countries have which zones?

Did this zoning business begin with the PS3 slim? but the copy of little big planet had a sticker talking about some deal that finished in January so I am not sure the game zone noted on the back is a new phenomena.

Personally I hate zoning as I believe it is anti competitive as it is a restriction on trade.

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PS3's can play games of all zones. Hope this link helps www.gamespot.com­/pages­/forums­/show­_msgs.php­?topic­_...
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Though some games have a limit of DLC Zoning, a friend of mine got KILLZONE 2, with region 2, and has an account in the US in which he bought the map packs of killzone only to discover that it is limited to the region of the console,

P.S. Im guessing your region 4 you must be japan if Im not mistaken
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I am in Australia. So its sounds like if I want to do DLC or possibly online would be the only time that the zoning comes into play.
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